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This is the Chinese translated version of the original Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection

All credit to the original author Isilmeriel, and people he mentioned.

Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapon Collection

Chinese Version Intro

I did two Chinese translation -- Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. Please use it accordingly. Also I completely translate the original instruction, please read it for more information and features.

I did not put the optional Larger two-handed Anduril and Narsil file here as it is not needed to be translated. If you want to use it, please download it from the original author's post (above link).

Thank Deepku Chinese Wiki for the game information I used in translation.

If you have any question for the Chinesization, pleas contact us: PM me or [email protected]

Intro from original author is listed as below:

Upload your own awesome screenies!

Version: 3
May 5, 2012

The updated version of my Narsil & Anduril mod, now merged with my other and any future weapon mods. One thing I would really appreciate is if people could stop complaining about the proportions (too long, too narrow) of the weapons. They were modelled exactly to WETA prop photos so if anything, blame WETA.


  • Elven Short Blades (Legolas' daggers)
  • Elven Longbow (Legolas' bow)
  • Witch-king Sword
  • Sauron's Mace (see instructions below)
  • Anduril and Narsil (one- and two-handed versions)
  • Shard of Narsil (dagger)
  • Glamdring (three versions: ancient, regular, and polished)
  • Morgul blade (dagger)

... more to come


  • Scabbards
  • All weapons craftable
  • Realistic metal material with reflection
  • Upgradable
  • High resolution, hand-painted textures
  • Unenchanted for freedom of customization


  • unRAR the content in skyrim\data\, enable isilNarsil.esp as with any other skyrim mod.
  • This update includes Glamdring already so you should disable or remove isilGlamdring.esp
  • some swords are sold by Eorlund at the skyforge
  • all weapons craftable at the forge under the steel category (except the Shard of Narsil, which must be crafted at a smelter, and the enchanted Sauron's Mace)
  • To obtain the enchanted Sauron's Mace, to to Blackreach City and defeat its guardian at the city gate (Should be fairly easy to find) and loot from its body. Unenchanted version may be crafted at the forge.

Fix Log

jan 9, 2012 : fixed upgrading, reduced price, improved damage, and added two-handed version for each sword.
jan 11, 2012: added scabbard
jan 24, 2012: craftable. Narsil can be smelted down to a broken version
jan 26, 2012: swords now appear correctly angled in inventory view
feb 15, 2012: version 2.00 - merged with my other lotr weapons
feb 23: added Sauron's Mace
mar 4 : added witchking sword, Sauron's mace now craftable, Morgul Blade changed to dagger
may 5 : added Legolas' bow and daggers, fixed Morgul Blade (it's a silent dagger now)

* * *

Please contact me for explicit permission before using any of my mod resources for your own work and credit authorship accordingly.

Please pm me if you find any other issues or have suggestions, I'll get to them as soon as I can.


Special thanks goes to:

- BGS from the MERP team, for rigging and exporting the bow
- DigitalLion, for helping me resolve the two-handed sword crash
- Mergweq, EwokJedi, and Dahaka002011, for creating the Armed to the Teeth mod used in screenshots
- WETA, for the wonderful original weapon designs

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