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Project Parallax - Solitude


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Windhelm -


This mod requires ENB version .108 or .112(read instructions below) or the ENB Antifreeze Patch. This mod adds parallax mapping to most of the textures in Solitude. In doing so it adds a level of realism that a simple texture and normal map cannot, and it does it with little to no performance hit. I am in the process of doing this for the other cities, but each one takes up to a week, check for a new one every weekend. It is a very time consuming project. This mod is around 4 weeks in the making and would not have been possible without the help of Boris Vorontsov at ENB developement. He supplied the shaders necessary to get parallax mapping to function correctly, please be sure to thank him for his hard work. You will notice that some textures are not parallaxed, this is because they weren't compatible or they were unnecessary.

There are 4 versions, one for Skyrim Realistic Overhaul, one for Vanilla textures, one for Skyrim HD 2K, and one for Sexy Solitude. You have to have one texture pack or the other, you can't have them mixed up and mismatched or you will see conflicts, so CHOOSE ONE!

ENB version .108 or .112. If you don't want to use ENB but you want parallax, you can get the ENB antifreeze patch and install it instead of ENB, you will get no performance loss and no ENB screen effects, but there might be a couple of warped textures(which isnt a big deal).
You could also use this custom ENB setting which turns off everything but parallax(I use this setting) -


If you already have a custom ENB setting installed, you can just use it so long as its version .108 or .112.

Download ENB here -
Download ENB Antifreeze Patch here -

ENB .112 Users - DO NOT USE THE SHADERINPUT FOLDER! IT IS FOR ENB .108 AND AntiFreeze Patch USERS ONLY! Just install the "meshes" and "textures" folders into your Skyrim/data folder and click "yes" when prompted.

Antifreeze Patch/ENB .108 Users - Drag the "meshes" and "textures" folders into your Skyrim/Data folder and click yes when prompted, then put the "shaderinput" folder into your main Skyrim folder, where Skyrim.exe is located.

This mod runs off of ENB .108, .112, or the ENB AntiFreeze Patch. If you don't have one of those installed you cannot use this mod. There are 2 known minor texture problems that occur with ENB .108/Antifreeze and .112, the ones for .112 will probably be fixed. If you have performance issues with ENB .112, try ENB .108 or the Antifreeze patch installation.

Boris Vorontsov
And Osmodius(me)