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Last updated at 5:05, 19 May 2012 Uploaded at 14:07, 18 May 2012

Add some armour sets which couldn't be crafted. Now with this mods, you can craft unique armor set after you've completed the requirement needed for them to appear at the forge. All armour sets is "clean" and should all be enchanted and some upgradable.

UPDATED TO v1.1 - download and install the mods and replace the old file!

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Shrouded Robes set - after joining the dark brotherhood.
Linwe Armour set - after completing the 'summer set shadows' quest (Thieves Guild Questline).
Psiijic Robes set - after completing the 'good intentions' quest (College of WInterhold Questline).
Archmage Robes set - after becoming the archmage of the college of winterhold.
Greybeard Robes set - after completing 'the way of the voice' main questline.
Jester set - after completing 'the cure for madness' quest (Dark Brotherhood Questline).
Thalmor Robes set - after killing ancano/completing the final college of winterhold quesline.
Mythic Dawn Robes set - after completing 'pieces of the past' quest (Deadric Quest)

All armour sets require certain amount of leather and leather strips depending on which part you're crafting and 1 filled black soulgem(should be any filled black soulgem) and some perks from the blacksmith starsign

x amount of Tundra Cotton (Mythic Dawn, Thalmor and Archmage)
x amount of Linen Wraps (Dark Brotherhood and Jester)
x amount of Leather
x amount of Leather Strips
1 Steel Ingot (Only Linwe)
1 Wisp Wrapping (Only Psiijic and Greybeard)
1 FILLED Black Soulgem (Except for Psiijic and Greybeard which need 2 grand soulgem filled)
Ebony Smithing & Arcane Blacksmith (make it harder for player to get?)


v1 - release of mods include:
Dark Brotherhood Robes set
Psiijic Robes set
Greybeard Robes set
Jester set
Linwe Armour set
Thalmor Robes set
Mythic Dawn Robes set
Archmage Robes set (only robes and boots)

v1.1 - Adjustment to all Recipes and Prices to some sets.

Use NNM for easy installation OR extract the rar file and put it in the data folder and make sure to have the mods checked for it to work.

Should be bug free and everything should work fine. if there is any bugs or error. feel free to comment or you could fix them yourself if you know how to....