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Version History:
v1.1 - Adds the Gloves of the Pugilist to the items sold for all you brawlers out there. The Gloves are not replacements for the pair found in the Ratway.
v1.0 - Original version

I made this mod because I wanted to learn the Muffle enchant but couldn't find a merchant selling an item with the enchantment.
So after visiting every vendor in Skyrim and enduring more loading screens that I care to admit I decided to make this mod. The purpose is to buy the items you want and disenchant them to learn the enchantment. But feel free to use any of the items yourself if you find one you like.

The mod adds a new merchant to Whiterun that sells every enchanted item. Her name is Pallia Maro. Her stall is located in the marketplace near Arcadia's Cauldren (see screenshot) and she's open for business for 24 hours a day (kind of like the Jack-in-the-Box drive through). She also sells filled grand soul gems and Daedra hearts if you need them and has some gold if you want to sell her a few things. Her inventory will respawn like any normal merchant if you lose an item or need more soul gems.

I tried to keep the inventory as inexpensive as possible so it's mostly leather, iron, rings and necklaces. I used glass or Orcish items if cheaper options weren't available. There aren't any Daedric/Ebony/Dragonscale/plate items.
The most expensive item is the Elven dagger with the Banish enchant.
If you want the regen Magicka enchant you need to buy one of mage robes with the fortify Illusion/Restoration/Destruction/Conjuration/Alteration.

I put Pallia in Whiterun because I usually use Breezehome for my base of operations. However if you like this mod, but don't live in Whiterun I can add another merchant in any city or town you like. Just send me a PM or ask in the comments.

Download using the Download with Manager button and activate it in the NMM
Manually download the .esp file, place it in the ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data directory and activate the mod in the Skyrim launcher.
Uninstall - delete the .esp from the Data directory