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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This mod WILL NOT work if yo use ANY other vampire mods. As a matter of fact, this is a mini mod for people who do not want the full blown mods that have mor features and scripting.

Day Walker Ring will allow vampire player to walk freely in the sun. Also, mod disables the stage 4 feature of everyone hating on the vampire.

Removing the ring removes the protection.

New in 1.5, the Day Walker Ring now needs blood to function. You can harvest the blood easily from animals you kill or from sleeping humans thanks to the awesome mod by LFox. You get three bottles per harvest. To use feature go into sneak mode and search animal. Only works if u are a vampire. Animal blood lasts 4 hours, human 8. The Ring will be in a weak state the last hour, causing the vampire player to twinkle and slightly glow. ;-)

Removing the Ring will drain it to zero.

If you like this mod please go over to Lfox's page and endorse his mod. He did a great job. His page is at :

This mod was requested by EthanJinks, and is meant to be a mini mod. To balance it out there is a 15% reduction to Stamina, Magicka, and Health while wearing it as well as a need to feed the ring blood.

If your character is ALREADY hated this will not reverse that. You need to install the mod before that happens. Or feed and go back to stage 1,2, or 3. Then it will work.

Install: Use nmm and activate. Ring will be given to you automatically when game starts.

Known incompability issue with mod Better Vampires by Brenahim. His mod is at:
I have emailed him to check if we can maybe merge our vampire quest scripts. But honestly guys, if I had to choose I would choose his mod. He has worked like hell on it.

Please check out my main mod, Sands of Time:

that will probably be the final version since I do not play a vampire character. Had to infect my poor elf to test this out. He ain't happy with me.