Rift Valley Hunting Cottage by NUSSproductions
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Rift Valley Hunting Cottage is a player home south eastern of Rifton behind the Mountain. Its desgined for 'alternative start' chars and has everything you need in the beginning of a new game. It also adds a small hunting ground around the cottage.
A friend of mine asked me if I could create a little house for his char somewhere in the wildness and this is the result. Its my first mod that is worth to be uploaded, I know this player home is not that awesome. I hope you will enjoy it. Fell free to comment and leave some screens :)

  • Small Player Home in the boondocks of Rift.
  • Tanning Rack.
  • Wood Chopping Block.
  • Sharpening Wheel.
  • Alchemy Workbench.
  • Cooking Pot.
  • Save Containers (except the barrels)
  • Little Front Yard.
  • Small Hunting Ground around the Cottage.
  • Bed.
The mapmarker is hidden, if you dont want to travel the long way... 'coc RiftSValleyHHouse'I deleted the agressive animals near the cottage, they forced the deers to run through the garden :S or killed them, what should be your job :P If you look carefully you might find a destruction skill book, its from vanilla skyrim and not part of the mod...

Extract the Data folder to skyrim's main directory
for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim

I have tested the mod, the only issue i had was that sometimes I couldnt use the chooping block. The animation suddenly aborts when my char takes a piece wood from the pile. I couldnt figure out why this happens :/ I gave the mod to my friend and he had no problems at all.
At the moment the cottage is not companion friendly. Maybe i will change this in the next days...

Change Log
Removed a very bad spelling mistake that completely changed the meaning of the mod -.- however you dont have to download the file again since I didnt spell anything wrong in the mod...

Bethesda for the great game and for the awesome Creation Kit!