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I dislike the fact mages don't have armor and disliked most robes except the Synod robes so I created the Mage Armor, and I also had Dwemer Urns and Pots pickupable. (except the one within the store in the Riften)

The second one is my second installment of it, which adds a katana blade within a known dungeon, i don't know if it's over ballanced or not... I also added an Arch-mage Armor that looked like the Thalmor robes, (i liked the thalmor Robes, and not the Archmage robes gee i can't imagine why oh yes i can... The Archmage robes looked like some hedge mage...)
You'll find it in the Archmages quarters, along with a different version of the Magus armor, and a Magus Hood.

I am not telling you where the katana is however I will give you a clue:
"In Twilight the star sinks beneath the waters"

You will need both esp files and place them in steam-steamaps-common-skyrim-data folder