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***Update Notes 8/12/12***********************
Version 1b and 2b further balances out Vasha's Whispering Claw technique, and removes the OP stagger effect on each hit. He now needs to hit the opponents more to kill them and the stagger occurs at a random percentage. With the reduction on damage, I improved on his 9 lives ability so that he can survive longer in a battle. Version 1b is for those who want the 24 hour recast timer, 2b is for those that do not.

***Update Notes 6/17/12***********************
Version 1a fixes the over powered nature of Vasha's Whispering Claw technique. Damage has been scaled down. Also fixes the damage output of his Coin Toss attack.

Version 2a is the same as 1a except this version does not have the 24 hour recast timer.

****SPOILERS (DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T STARTED THE DARK BROTHERHOOD QUESTLINE)*** To summon the rogue gambler Shava find his dead body where you first meet him and loot it to acquire his Death Tome. ****END SPOILERS****

To find the Death Tome to summon Shava, read the spoilers above at your own risk if you haven’t started the Dark Brotherhood questline. You must be on the quest "With Friends Like These". Vasha is a master gambler and relies heavily on luck and probabilities. I evolved the Vasha character for those players who want another Khajiit themed follower. Shava the Gambler is now a representative of the East Empire Company faction.

Vasha the Gambler is equipped with the following abilities:

1. Khajiit Martial Arts Perk: Whispering Claw – Melee claw strikes are infused with wind element attacks that staggers opponents per strike.
2. Coin Toss: Throws a staggering amount of coins at his opponents from a distance. Coins can be picked up during or after combat.
3: Counterfeit: During heavy melee combat, Vasha will randomly counter attack the opponent’s attack and pilfer a coin purse equivalent to the counter damage he inflicts. Coin purse can be picked up during or after combat.
4: 9 Lives: As Vasha enters combat he has a 20% probability of casting a combat regen health effect on himself at a rate of 1% max health per second.
5: Gamblers Movement: During combat Vasha has a 20% chance of avoiding melee damage, and 10% chance of deflecting arrows while attacking.
6: Lightfoot perk to avoid triggering traps
7: Actor does not affect stealth meter.
8: Customized Combat Style that focuses on hand to hand melee combat, and will use coin toss ability from a distance.
9: Upon getting the ability, Vasha will be the same level as the player and will level up to 81 as the player progresses.
10: Improved stats in stamina.

Notes: Vasha focuses on hand to hand melee combat and relies heavily on luck to survive because of his low health and defense ratings. As a gambling Khajiit, Vasha relies on lady luck to be on his side to activate his 9 Lives and Gamblers Movement abilities. When these abilities are active Vasha is an almost invincible fighter. If he’s unlucky, he will go down quickly. He is very susceptible to magic attacks, and will need to rely on ambushing his foes. Because his Coin Toss and Counterfeit attacks generate gold he is useful as a source of making quick coin during combat. This also makes using him slightly as a means of cheating, so players who do not want to cheat, beware of using this summon, or otherwise ignore the temptation of picking up the piles of gold he leaves behind during combat. Version 1 has the 24 hour recast timer, while version 2 removes the 24 hour recast restriction.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the file. It shouldn’t cause any problems with any other mod. No additional mods are necessary to run the file.