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-->Note--> This mod will be updated and expanded in the future. Keep your eyes open.
-->>>New update is in the works with new items, new color variations, tweaks and optional files.

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Have you ever left behind tons of useful stuff, simply because you could not carry anymore? How many dragon bones, dwemer scrap or other valuable things were abandoned? Too much to count. But now, there is a solution just for you! "Bandolier - Bags and Pouches" offers you a wide selection of various equipment items that should ease your burden! And it can be used with nearly every armor!

What does this mod have to offer?
This mod offers you many items that will increase your carry weight. At the moment, there are 7 new slots for the equipment: Chest, Back Left, Back Right, Front Left, Front Right, Left Side and Right Side. Different items can be quipped into different slots, so you can combine up to 7 different pieces. Here is the list of items currently available:

*Bandolier - Shoulderpad
*Bandolier - Dark Shoulderpad
*Bandolier - Gray Shoulderpad
*Large Bandolier - Shoulderpad
*Large Bandolier - Dark Shoulderpad
*Large Bandolier - Gray Shoulderpad
*Bandolier - Dark
*Bandolier - Gray
*Large Bandolier
*Large Bandolier - Dark
*Large Bandolier - Gray
*Satchel - Left
*Satchel - Dark Left
*Satchel - Right
*Satchel - Dark Right
*Box Pouch - Back Right
*Box Pouch - Back Dark Right
*Box Pouch - Back Left
*Box Pouch - Back Dark Left
*Box Pouch - Front Right
*Box Pouch - Front Dark Right
*Box Pouch - Front Left
*Box Pouch - Front Dark Left
*Box Pouch - Side Right
*Box Pouch - Side Dark Right
*Box Pouch - Side Left
*Box Pouch - Side Dark Left
*Big Belt Bag - Right
*Small Pouches - Right
*Small Pouches - Left
*Small Pouches - Dark Right
*Small Pouches - Dark Left

Small pouches add 25 extra carry weight.
Satchels, bags and box pouches add 50.
Bandoliers add 75.
Large Bandoliers add 100.
But you can also use an optional file that provides no enchantments by default. Copy the .esp file into your data folder and overwrite the existing file.

To see which slots the items are, using and how you can combine the items, look at the screenshot above.

How to install:
Extract the files from the archive into your Data folder. Check the Dr_Bandolier.esp in your "data files", in the launcher.

How to get:
All items are crafted at the tanning rack. However, some items may require extra things that can be crafted at the forge.
Black Dyed Leather is crafted by combining Leather and Frostbite Venom.
Assorted Buckles are crafted at the forge from Steel Ingots.
To make a bandolier with a shoulderpad, you must first make a regular one, and then, combining it with an extra piece of leather at the tanning rack, you can create bandoliers with shoulderpads.
(Example in the screenshots above)

Please note:
This is still a beta release and there might still be some bugs. Please, report them (just make sure they are not already on the "known issues" list bellow.

Feel free to upload your beautiful screenshots to this mod!

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