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Update 2.6.0
Uploaded as new file:
New flyingscript with a new flying methode, less cpu-use and working collision.
- working collision.
- less CPU-use.
- instant key reaction.
- a small change which should fix the on flying start CtDs.
- flying left right forward backwards via controllers.
currently not working:
- flying up and down keys
- roaring
- autolanding
The old flyingmethod is still existing, activate it in the recom. menu.

Beta update: 2.6.0
New flyingscript with a new flying methode, less cpu-use and working collision.

Update 2.5.11
- added key for flying slow (left shift)
- added some spells not ballanced yet
- everyone is hating you
- added a new option to the recomendations menu, this should help stoping transformation while enchanting
- scripts cleaned up a bit
- added reequip function for Powers/Shouts when transforming back to human
- some other smaller changes

Update 2.5.10
- added function to exchange dragon and human equipment
- small change on flyingscript, flyingkeys are a bit faster
- an alduinfix, the second
- added cooldowns
- rebalanced a bit

Update 2.5.09
- added new controls: W A S D X + Space, now work together W forward A left S Backward D Right X down Space up

Update 2.5.08 - Automatic landing.
Update 2.5.07 - UBD has created some significant improvements:
-disabled the movement controls so W now has a smoth animation.
-changed some if clouses so W E U and so on, no longer work in menus.
-bugged roaring a bit to force combat mode after it.
-forced combatmode generally before you start flying.
-changed flying start/stop key back to E.
Also, SLuckyD has now joined the team and is working on a function to automatically land you upon touching the ground.

Update 2.5.05 -- Added Shouts Menu, Camera Zoom Menu, and Recommendations Menu, and Alduin race.

NOTE: If pressing "e" doesn't make you fly, try pressing "y" !

Shouts Menu -- Click on each shout to learn and equip them
Camera Menu -- Select Zoomed out Mode while using the mod, also partially fixes head tracking problem ( you can atleast aim shouts, read more about this in recommendations menu)
Recommendations Menu -- Read about ways to make the mod function properly.

Added Perch animation (work in progress) -- press "p" to go into the perch position, but you will go into this position from wherever you use it, including mid-air. You can shout in perch mode (you have to re-equip the shout) but you can't move. To get out of perch mode, press E once to "land" and E again to takeoff, and you should be out.

Clipping in ground/floating issue is caused by the down/up scaling of dragon size. If you want to avoid walking into the ground or floating, be the normal size. I will be adjusting the camera zoom to allow you to see the entire normal sized dragon, and will change the size recommendation to normal size.

Flyable Dragon Races: Revamped
by: ElSte17 with enhancements by ubuntufreakdragon
Mod Team:

Note: YOU STILL NEED SKSE download here ---

New Video Tutorial:

ufd; edit: u works, but not fine, you will have to press it a half second.

How to Install SKSE:

A newer SKSE tutorial can be found here:

An amazingly user-friendly and improved version of the Flyable Dragon Races mod. Watch the new tutorial video, as well as the SKSE installation tutorial.
Use the "Optionsmenu" shout and go to "controls" in the menu to read about the new controls in this version. ufd:2.5.01: Added G for flying constantly forward, not added to the controls menu yet.

Featured on MxR Mod Reviews

Install: Use Nexus Mod manager to install the mod.

Download and install SKSE for Skryim.

Use the SKSE loader to launch the game every time you use the mod.

Q: I can´t fly?
A: You need the latest SKSE for flying, since the Skyrim 1.6 patch became final, SKSE Papyrussupport became final, too. Watch the tutorial.

Q: I have SKSE installed, but the mod still doesn't work.
A: Make sure you have launched the game using the "SKSE loader" file. type getskseversion into the console if you are reciveing an error you are not running SKSE.

Q: I´m not receiving an answer to my "I can´t fly" comment, why?
A: Becouse there isn´t enough information to answer. If you can´t fly, plaese use this console comands first, and post what you receive:
getglobalvalue blubflyingstartstopkey
We will ignore any "i can´t fly" post without this information

Q: My dragon is walking through the ground or floating when I land, what's wrong?
A: You must play as the normal sized dragon to avoid this issue.

Q: I have watched the tutorials and I have SKSE installed correctly and I've done everything exactly right!
A: Try to press "y" instead of "e" if this don´t work, clearly you haven't installed it correct, or you wouldn't be having issues. I know this answer makes you want to punch us in the face, but you just gotta go back and retrace your steps. Do you have the version of SKSE downloaded from the link? Did you launch the game with the SKSE loader? Do you have a mod conflict? Did you install the mod correctly in the first place?

Q: Why is the dragon's head pointing the wrong direction, I can't attack!
A: This is caused by the stupid AI Headtracking Animations. I've tried turning them on, turning them off, but neither seems to have any effect. You CAN infact attack people, if you move around, your dragon is generally smart enough to target an NPC.

Q: Why aren't you using the actual hover and land animations? That seems like something obvious to do...
A: It's much easier said than done. For some unknown reason, when these animations are played, the dragon is seemingly "dragged" to some random position on the map which is often very far from your current position and can cause CTDs.

Q: Why is the dragon so slow compared to other dragons? Well, when you fly as the player, your computer is forced to load the vast scenery that surrounds you very quickly. This takes a lot of processing power, and since most of us don't use super computers, we have to fly slowly to give the game time to load the surroundings and prevent CTDs. The AI dragons don't have to load surroundings for them to see, so they can fly as fast as they please.
More updates to come.

Q: Can we change controls?
A: Yes we can!
The controls are stored as globals, you can change them ingame via console, This is the comand:
set to
must be a number, here is a list were you can find the numbers for each key:
these are the keyglobals:
blubbecomedragonhumanfastkey ;hotkey become a dragon
blubconstantflyingforwardkey ;hotkey flying constantly forward
blubflyingforwardkey ;hotkey flying forward
blubflyingstartstopkey ;hotkey to start/stop flying
blubflyingupkey ;hotkey flying up
blubroarkey ;hotkey to roar ^^
I hope this helps.

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