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Adds weapons and a Shield from the Original Conan movies into Skyrim

Permissions and credits
This mod is a WIPpreview release. The eventual intention of this mod is to complement the work of some previous modders in bringing weapons and armour from the Conan movies into the world of Skyrim, and is produced as a proof of concept. It is a port of some of my old Oblivion resource and was done as a means of me familiarising myself with the newest version of Nifscope and proving that it could be done without me investing time too heavily. I have been pursuaded by a friend to release it as a stand alone preview. As such it is still a little rough, not as polished as I would have liked, but it is a good start to take forward.

The following meshes have been added to the game:

- The Mace of Bombaata (2 handed)
- Bombaata's Fist (Mace 1 handed)
- The Fangs of the Serpent (Assasin's Dagger)
- Valeria's Sword
- Rexor's Triple Bladed Axe
- Thorgrim's Hammer (2 handed)
- The Ancient Axe
- The Shield of Amra
- Doom's Shield
- The Ancient Shield of the Mounds
- The Helmet of Amra *
- Thulsa Doom's Helm
- Rexor's Helm
- Thorgrim's Helm
- Helm of the Vanir
- Father's Greatsword (2 handed)
- Atlantean Greatsword (2 handed)

(* modified or NEW to Version 1.3)

and additionally included:

- Fathers Sword
- Atlantean Sword

Reforging Weapons - Changing 1 handed to two handed - and back again!

At the request of some subscribers to this mod I have included a feature to reforge the Father's Sword and the Atlantean Sword into their Greatsword (2 handed) counterparts. Just take the Swords to the forge and supply the materials required to make the GreatSword versions (in the STEEL section). If you decide that you want to revert to the one handed versions of the weapons then just repeat the process.

You can also shorten Bombaata's Mace into its 1 handed version (Bombaata's Fist), and back again, using the same procedure.

Location in game
All items (apart from the reforgeable alternatives) are located in the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. Just look on and around the slabs to see where these items have finally come to rest...

For the Reforgeable items - get thee to a Blacksmith!


For the Father's Sword and Atlantean Sword meshes and textures - These two iconic swords have been VERY KINDLY provided with permission by Mr Dave (meshes) and Rhevn (textures). See links below for their original mods.

Mr Daves Meshes

Rhevn Retexture

1. Extract the archive to Skyrim's Data folder.

2. Run the Skyrim Launcher, click on Data Files and select/enable the following ESP file:

- Armoury of Conan.esp

3. Load the game and GO GET YOUR GOODIES!

1. Extract the archive to Skyrim's Data folder.

2. When prompted answer "YES" to over-write the old files.

3. Run the Skyrim Launcher, click on Data Files and ensure that the following ESP file is still enabled:

- Armoury of Conan.esp

3. Load the game and GO GET YOUR GOODIES!

Manual Uninstall v1.3
Delete the following files/folders:

AoC Skryrim Readme v 1_3.txt
Armoury of Conan.esp

None known.

Known Bugs or Issues
None known. Expect some.

0.9, 16/05/2012 - Initial WIP preview release.
1.0, 04/06/2012 - Release.
1.1, 13/06/2012 - 1st update
1.2, 08/07/2012 - 2nd update - minor tweaks to two handed weapons, fixed clipping and scabbard additions
1.3, 13/08/2012 - 3rd update - minor tweak, Added Helmet of Amra at user request

More Conan armour - original armour from the first two movies, a bow, a new axe, new shields.

- Thanks to SkyrimNexus for the one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
- Thanks to Creation Kit and Wiki for the learning materials.
- BIG THANKS to Mr Dave and Rhevn!

I can be found on the Nexus forums as garymorrowind.

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all we ask in return is that you conatct us before you do. Give full credit to ALL authors if you re-package this mod or use any of its meshes/textures.