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Added: 14/05/2012 - 08:49PM
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Last updated at 21:42, 21 May 2012 Uploaded at 20:49, 14 May 2012

I looked around for a conjuration mod that would allow a little more minion mastery play without unbalancing the mechanic and everything i saw looked either unbalanced or a bare improvement over minmum, so i made this mod.

*trippled the summon/reanimation time on all spells with modest mp cost increases
*added 1 max summon/reanimate each for expert and master casting perk
*changed Twin Souls to Unholy Horde, which allows three additional summoned/reanimated creatures (for a total of 6 max creatures with all perks)

*Enthralling Animus- a new spell that allows enthralled reanimation of nearly any living creature up to level 65, crafted from certain powerful artifacts and a copy of the Dead Thrall book at the skyforge

If you don't know this already mod added spells are badly glitched right now, if you add one to your spellbook and then remove the mod you can no longer access your spells menu (it immediately CTDs) this mod is perfectly functional without the spell so if you're just trying it out either have a safe save file before adding the spell or don't use the spell

incompatible with anything that alters the same perks/spells or the conjuration perk tree

Future Plans
*i'm probably going to start working on level appropriate "conjure draugr" spells
*if i get really ambitious i might try to make Enthralling Animus work on some non-living creatures but no-one should hold their breath waiting for that feature

P.S. something i hadn't really thought about until i was leaving winterhold and saw a chicken is that the Enthralling Animus spell can be used to make pets of some non-combatant creatures, as you can see in the pics it is confirmed working on chickens (Fearsome Chicken Thrall ftw!)

it's also noteworthy that the spell more importantly allows you to thrall draugr death over lords, which have shouts, no moaning, and often their own summoning spell

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