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Lotr Nazgul Race Beta Update2

New Features:

Craftable Morgul Blade in Whiterun at the Skyforge on the
Steel craftable weapons.
The Morgul Blade comes with an enchantment that does
300 points of damage and if the character dies it will soul
trap the victim and turn it into a ghost figure in this
case a Wraith that will be your slave for one day.
The blade only has the power for one strike; so if the
character is more powerfull you will need to recharge
the Morgul Blade and hit i'm untill it dies in order to
become a wraith.
To fully recharge the Morgul Blade you will need a filled
Grand Soul Gem or a Black Soul Gem or Azura's Star or it's
black version.

Craftable Spell Tome that adds a Spell to Summon your Nazgul
Horse at the Skyforge in Whiterun in the Misc section.

Changes since the last update:

Changed the Black Breath Spell into a power that you can use
once a day that creates a poison cloak that damages your
opponents 50 points for 60 seconds.

Changed the Detect life and the Detect death Spells into
one; so now you can detect both the living and the dead at
the same time.

Deleted the NightStalker's Footsteps Spell and the Champion
of the Night because i think they didn't fitted well with
the Nazgul lore of lotr.

IMPORTANT: For this update you must have the Dwanguard Dlc.

INSTALL: Just place the Data folder into your skyrim folder
and overwritte the old files.

Nazgul Race Beta Mod

This mod is for all the Lotr and Skyrim fans; and adds the
nazgul race to Skyrim.
This mod is a Beta and is for you to test and give me
background about the mod.
So if you tested the mod go on ahead and add a comment to
the mod page and tell me what you thoutght about the mod.

Description of the Nazgul Race:

Skill Bonus

Destruction - 10

Illusion - 10

Light Armor - 5

One Handed - 5

Two Handed - 5


Nazgul Ability - Gives you 100% resistance to Frost and

Resist Disease - Gives you 100% resistance to disease.

Nazgul Night Eye - Gives you Night Vision for 60 sec.

Nazgul Magic Protection - Absorbs 50% of the magicka from
hostile spells for 60 sec.

Champion of the Night - Illusion spells cast by a Nazgul
are 25% more powerful.

Nazgul Fear - Creatures and people up to level 28 flee
from combat for 30 sec.

Nazgul Detect Life

Nazgul Detect Dead

Nazgul Black Breath - Absorbs 25 points of Stamina, Health
and Magicka per second from the target.

Nightstalker's Footsteps - Nazgul are 25% Harder to detect
when sneaking.

Weakness to Fire - Gives you 100% Weakness to Fire.

Nazgul Gear:

Daedric Boots

Daedric Gauntlets

Nazgul Hooded Black Robes (Doesn't show the face of your

Ring of Men - Increases your Magicka by 70 points.
Magicka regenerates 100% faster.

The Nazgul Gear is located in Helgen in the Warden's chest.
At the beginning of the game you have to follow Hadvar the
imperial soldier to the helgen Keep. Inside of the room
you enter is the Warden's chest where your gear is located.

Nazgul Horse - Your Nazgul Horse is located at the exit
of the cave in Helgen.

Description of the aspect of the Race:

Since i started this mod i've tried several things to make
the race look more like the Nazgul from lotr.
I've tried to make the race invisible; but when i put the
gear on the Character it also makes it invisible so i
couldn't give them the aspect of the nazgul with robes.
I've tried also making them look like a Ghost; but also
when i equipped the character, the gear would also have
the ghostly effect.
So i've come up with the idea of giving them the look
of the Wraiths at Weathertop when frodo puts the ring and
gets stabed by the morgul Blade.
So i've made them look old and White skinned with long hair
and demon eyes.
I also gave the race the voice of the Draug to give it a
more evil feeling.

Description of the Gear:

The gear i've put in the mod are the daedric boots and
gauntlets because i think are the ones that look more
like the ones that the nazgul add in the movies.
The Robes are the same as the black hooded ones in the game
but with the twist that it does not make the face of the
character visible, making them look more like the ones from
the Nazgul.
I've tried to make a standalone version of the greybeards
robes in black without messing with the vanilla ones, i
changed the textures of the robe and the hood to black
and manage to make the robe Black but the hood staid
with the same color of the vanilla version and i tried a lot
of stuff but it didn't work out; and so not to delay the
mod too much i made with the normal black hooded robes of
the vanilla skyrim.

The Ring i added to the gear represents the one that sauron
gave each men making them the nazgul.
I called it the Ring of Men and gave it a powerfull
enchantment that combines the most powerfull fortify
magicka and regenerate magicka from the game.

I didn't add the sword or the morgul blade because there
are already mods that add craftable versions of nazgul
weapons, and so that is one of the things you will have to
do to make your Nazgul more authentic.

Description of the Powers:

Nazgul Ability:

This power adds the nazgul 100% resistance to Frost and

I gave this power to the race because when i read about the
nazgul there where several references about them being
resistant to cold, and being a wraith they couldn't be

Resist Disease:

I gave the race also this power because of the nature of
the nazgul of being a wraith they wouldn't have diseases.

Nazgul Night Eye:

This one is just to give the feeling of the vision of the
nazgul and granting them a better vision in the dark.

Nazgul Magic Protection:

I gave this one because i read that the nazgul had
resistance to magic but not all and some of the magic
weapons in lotr affected the Nazgul.

Champion of the Night:

This one is to give more power to the nazgul when casting
illusion spells.

Nazgul Fear:

This one is because the greatest power of the Nazgul was
fear and it has the same power of the most powerfull fear
spell in the game.

Nazgul Detect Life and Dead:

I added this power because the nazgul could sense living
things and being undead they could sense each other
and other undead.

Nazgul Black Breath:

This power is similar to the Drain Life spell from the
Vampires but a little more powerfull.
I added the black breath with the same effects beacause
it sucks life from your opponents and adds the similar
effect that it add in the lotr lore.

Nightstalker's Footsteps:

I gave this one because in some way the nazgul seemed to
be always sneaking when looking for the Ring.

Weakness to fire:

Obviously this is the most disadvantage feature of your
character and applies to the lotr lore.

Future plans for the mod:

Adding the other eight nazgul to the mod either as
summonable or has a follower.

Adding summon spell for your horse.

Adding better robes and gear.

Adding the real nazgul Voice.

Adding severall sugestions from the comments.

Thanks for reading! If you like my idea go on ahead and
test the mod and feel free to comment and give ideas to
the mod.


Just copy the NazgulRace.esp file to your Skyrim Data Folder and activate it in the data files menu or in the mod mannager launcher.

Nazgul Greybeards Update

This Mod Update adds BlackGreyBeards Robes that you can
find in the Warden's Chest in Helgen where the Previous
Nazgul Gear Was found. You can also craft them in a tanning
rack; and there is an enchanted version that you can craft
at the Skyforge in Whiterun.

I Changed the Fear spell and added craftable spelltomes
of more powerfull versions for you to create has you
get more powerfull in the game.
I Changed this feature in order to make the game more
challenging for you and give you the feeling that you
get more powerfull has you progress.

I Added a craftable spelltome that gives you a spell to
summon the other eight nazgul but just for 60 sec; in order
to make you have a power but not a great advandage over the

I Changed the fire weakness to 50% and the frost resistance
to 50%.

The Spells have the nazgul screech sound to give your
powers a nazgul feel.

I completed the female version just to give it a more
complete look.

Importante: The Black Greybeards replace the vanilla ones
in the Game.

I Hope you enjoy the new update; and don't forget to
comment and give feedback.

To install just place the files in you skyrim data folder
and overwritte the old ones.