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Dwemer Skyships coming to Skyrim (fully flyable) - SKSE required

Permissions and credits
NoxyGame and DOSMaster present: - Dwemer_Skyship_v1_3

Release Date: 26th June 2013
Version: 1.3
#1 Added a new angular movement math depending on angular mass
#2 AngularMass parameter has been added to the config section
#3 UnitsPerMeter has been changed from 90 to 70
#4 XZ,XY and YZ areas have been calculated via MatLab script
#5 A bug that caused an overflow of the anglecounter has been fixed
#6 Due to a bug in the translate function at translate speeds of a value smaller than 4 which caused stuttering these values had to be treated as 0 to solve this problem

Release Date: 18th Dec. 2012
Version: 1.2
#1 Death bug has been solved via GodMode when mounting/dismounting the ship
#2 Accuracy of drag/air resistance calculation has been improved to avoid instablility
#3 Calculation of local roation to global roation has been corrected
#4 Strafing ability added to the Skyship
#5 Dismount now forces the ship into rest position
#6 New feature has been added to configure Skyship parameters ingame
#7 The hole in the .nif has been fixed

Release Date: 12th Sept. 2012
Version: 1.1b (Further Beta Testing / Open Source .psc files included)
#1 Cannons haven been added for testing
#2 Another Skyrim Vanilla Ship has been used/introduced
#3 Minor BugFixing (Missing Book Property from v1.0b)

Release Date: 13th May 2012
Version: 1.0b (Open Beta Release / Open Source .psc files included)

Min. Requirements:
#1 Skyrim – Version
#2 SKSE -
(SKSE IS REQUIRED!!! You will only be able to steer the ship if you install SKSE!!!)

#1 Make sure you’re running the mentioned version of Skyrim( and SKSE(1_05_02 or higher)
#2 Install via Nexus Mod Manager or copy all the files of the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder
#3 Activate the .esp if you haven’t done already
#4 Start Skyrim via the skse_loader.exe of SKSE and fight some dragons mid-air!
(Make yourself a shortcout to your desktop to never forget skse_loader!!!)

This mod doesn’t replace any vanilla files – modified files have their own subfolders
#1 Just uncheck Dwemer_Skyship_v1.esp from your Mod Manager list

Skyship Location:
#1 West of Riverwood along the road at the Guardian Stones
#2 *** Make sure to take the book out of the chest there ***

Steering Manual:
The book will grant you further options like:
#1 Activation from anywhere
#2 Setting Flight Mode from SetVehicle with OffSet Camera and Havoked where you can walk around the deck and fight anything in sight
#3 Assigning customized keys for steering (make sure to hold at least 1-4 seconds till the messagebox re-appears to map the key)
#4 Default Keys are Arrow Keys for Forward, Backward, Left, Right
Right Ctrl for “Down” to lose height
Right Shift for “Up” to gain height
Del for "strafe Left"
Page down for "strafe Right"
Numpad 0 for “Handbrake” to reduce any speeds to 0 quickly
Enter for “Dismount” to stop your current flying session
#5 The Skyship can also be activated via the steering wheel (if u haven’t sunk the wheel into a stone, then i recommend using the book in non-havoked mode to get the Skyship back into an accessible position)
#6 In case of having lost or sold the book; a new one can be added to the inventory by opening console “^” and entering “player.additem 2000d7b 1”

Known Bugs:
#1 – Player can fall trough deck/collision object of the havoked-ship.nif if going too fast (dismount if falling to be ported back on deck to prevent death and reactivate your flying session again manually)
#2 - Player Ragdoll sometimes stuck on objects on the ground and causing death on dismount
#3 – Assigning an already used key like walk modifier will result in a toggle
#4 – The combined Skyship.nif files can cause a CTD/fps impact on weak/low hardware performance
#5 – Little to high stuttering while steering the ship on high to low fps drop (for example activation of fraps or loading of a new cell) will relax after approx. 2-8 seconds on constant fps (frameadaptive translatespeed)
#6 - Player stuttering on havoked version is caused due to asynchron havok updates
#7 - The book can be sold, dropped or lost, looking for a hint on how to make it unsellable/undropable without defining it as a quest item
#8 - Your Horse (if u got one) will fall through the ship when u fast travel to the Skyship marker and activate the non-havoked version
#9 - If you reach the end of the world you won’t be able to go any further, turn around!
#10 - The new euler implementation for local to global rotation is not suited for translating objects, just for calculating endpoints (at a tilt of 90 degree, hitting a gimble lock situation causes a 360°-turn of the object)

Plans for future updates:
#1 Troubleshooting Bugs from Open Beta Release
#2 Include more ship models
#3 Include pirate clothes
#4 Make a questline (rebuild the crashed ship to make it flyable)

Looking for:
#1 Beta Testers to Report Bugs and give Feedback to improve this mod
#2 Landshapers who might want to model a whole new world especially for skyships
#3 Help at improving havoking of the player model to better collide with the havoked ship version

For Modders:
#1 Almost all modified or new objects in the Creation Kit are prefixed with “_NoxyGame_” if you want to find all necessary modifications, so use this as a filter

Credits to:
#1 For the people that inspired me to start modding skyships
Zolo2006: making the skyship flyable in Oblivion
DOSMaster for writing the Skyrim Skyship script
HenkBein, QuarnAndKivan, Luke2135 for their scripts I used/modified
mr_siika: meshes and textures, scripting
QQuix: dwemer parachute
centurion: Interior building and CS work
rung: quests, bug-fixing
#2 Credits to Bethesda Game Studios for The Elder Scroll Series
#3 Credits to Dark0ne for the Nexus - bringing the community and their creativity together
#4 Credits to SLuckyD for giving me a reason to hurry up the official beta release

If you’re thinking about using parts of this mod (Script for example), don’t forget to name us (NoxyGame and DOSMaster) in your “Credits to:” section.
In other words, feel free to use/enhance the script/nif/mod, but give credits to the author!