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Last updated at 18:21, 30 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 7:07, 13 May 2012

**Updated for 1.6

My own take on recoloring the game's map markers, made for my own personal use. Uploaded for anybody who happens to share my aesthetic preferences over any of the similar mods out there.

* Your Location and Custom Marker are in red, to be easily found.
* Quest Markers are in gold.
* Cities and Keeps are influenced by that city's heraldry.
- Whiterun and Dragonsreach are Yellow.
- Solitude and the Blue Castle (paradoxically) are Red - as are Imperial Camps.
- Windhelm and the Palace of the Kings are Cyan - as are Stormcloak Camps.
- Markarth and Understone Keep are Geen,
- Riften and Mistveil Keep are Lilac,
- Winterhold and the College are Bluish White.
- Falkreath is Blue
- Morthal is Pale Green
- Dawnstar is Gray... ish?
* Groves, Clearings, Passes, and Landmarks are in Green.
* Stables, Farms, Windmills, and Watermills are in Light Yellow
* Shacks, Houses, and Towns are Dark Yellow / Light Brown
* Camps, Giant Camps, and Orc Strongholds are Brown.
* Watchtowers, Nordic Towers, and Forts are Blue-Gray.
* Ruins, Nordic Ruins, and Dwarven Ruins are Purple-Gray.
* Mines and Caves are Purple.
* Ships, Docks, and Lighthouses are Blue.
* Standing Stones and Dragon Lairs are Light Cyan.
* Daedric Shrines are Light Magenta / Pink.

Also recolors a few markers not used by the vanilla game:
* The alternate 'Doomstone' marker is Light Cyan (same as regular Standing Stones).
* The 'Alter' marker is also Light Cyan.
* The 'City' marker is Red (same color as Solitude)
* The 'Jarl's Longhouse' marker is not recolored.

This mod won't conflict with any other map or interface mods, except for those that also change the Interface/Map.swf and Interface/Exported/Hudmenu.gfx files. For the most part, this means other mods that do the same thing - i.e. Forsaken32's Colored Map Markers (on which this mod is based) and IceKK's Map HUD Enhanced.

Any mods that add additional map markers will use the same colors for the icons: for example, Cartographer's Map Markers uses Mistveil Keep to mark the Jarl's Longhouses in the minor holds, so they'll show up in purple. There's nothing I can really do about that, but I am working on my own map-markers mod which will use what I feel are more appropriate icons for the added locations. Again, just for my personal use, but I'll upload it when I'm done.

Anyone who wants to edit and re-upload this mod is free to do so. You can credit me for the color scheme if you like it, but you won't hurt my feelings if you don't.