Feral Battleaxe by Swamrim
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Feral Battleaxe
*Quick note: The screenshots I provided feature many different mods, all of which are authored by people other than myself. I only intend to showcase this axe, and not the other mods.

My first serious attempt at a weapon, and I think I've finally worked out most of the bugs. My knowledge of this stuff is only very basic.

Feral Battleaxe
-Unique blend of the Headsman axe (blade) Iron battleaxe (handle) and steel war hammer (three rings below blade).
-Requires skyforge to craft, under Elven.
-Requires many ingredients
-Eleven stats clone.
-Given its shorter length than other battleaxes, the swing speed has been increased slightly.

I am in part hoping to gain some experience by providing it to people other than me, to help weed out bugs I may not notice, feed back would be super appreciated.