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8/11/12 Update Notes:
Zombie Edition 1 and 2 - This version replaces the original Astrid model I used on the original spell with a more zombie like appearance. zombie.v.1 file has a 24 hour recast timer, while zombie.v.2 doesn't. (This is an optional file)

Maskless Edition 1 and 2 - This version replaces the original Astrid model I used on the original spell with a maskless verrsion. msk.v.1 has a 24 hour recast timer, while msk.v.2 doesn't. (This is an optional file)

Version 1a and 2a - This is an update file if you want to have Astrid have the ability to call upon fellow DB Assassins to assist in battle. (Because the ability itself contains spoilers, I will not mention further. If you've already completed the questline, you'll have some sort of clue). This latest update file does not have a zombie or maskless version, and I will only make each editions if I get enough requests for them. Otherwise, it will use the masked Astrid. Version 1a has a 24 hour recast timer, while 2a doesn't.


****POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** Summon the void assassin Astrid by using the power of the Void. She will strike down your foes without mercy! To summon Astrid, complete the Dark Brotherhood quest line and visit the Nightmother's sarcophagus. ****/END SPOILERS****

To find Astrid's contract, read the spoilers above. You must complete the Dark Brotherhood mainquest to find it.

Astrid is equipped with the following abilities:

1. Equipped with the daggers True Blade of Woe and Blade of Wrath.
2. Void Darts: Used for long range attacks and disarms opponents with a chance to cast fury on the opponent. (Perfect for disarming archers).
3: Void Strike: As she attacks her opponents, she has a chance to disarm them while also having a chance to drain health.
4: Void Field: When she is surrounded by her foes, she uses the power of the Void to generate a shock field that has a chance of disarming her foes and also a chance of draining health.
5: She is capable of dual wielding.
6: Increased Speed: Astrid moves quickly to close in on her foes (speed is not game breaking).
7: Actor does not affect the stealth meter.
8: Customized Combat Style that focuses on melee combat, but will throw daggers if enemies are using bows.
9: Upon getting the ability, Astrid is level 50 and levels up to 81 along with the player.
10: Improved stats in health and stamina.
11: Void Stepper Perk: 12% chance of avoiding damage during combat.
*****ABILITY ONLY AVAILALBE IN v1a and 2a update****
12: Sithis's Blessing: Per Sithis's approval, Astrid is allowed to summon the fighting spirits of her fellow DB assassins in combat. Each assassin has their own unique abilities.

Notes: Astrid is very capable in melee confrontation. Lower leveled mobs will die upon her initial attack. It is advisable to get this summon at level 50+. Also, she is not invincible and she will go down with enough arrows or ranged magic attacks. Perfect opportunity to use her for is when you’re surrounded by melee oriented opponents. Also, she may also disarm your follower and cause him or her to attack Astrid if they get in the way of her attacks. Warning: She will fight back, and can possibly kill your follower… suggested use when you’re soloing.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the file, it should not cause any issues with any other mods. No additional mods are necessary to run the file.