VazorsCastle by UnknownFreak
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Last updated at 17:42, 4 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 14:13, 12 May 2012

Huge castle made by the famos architect Vazor, when he died the workers that build this castle named it after him.
The castle was owned by other dragonborn and now it's owned by you :)

Location: there is a mapmaker near hags end
For lazy people type "coc vc" to teleport to house

Guards.(They Patrol, the guards at throne shall not patrol(4male and 4 female guards))
Dragon pet named Nepfir (can attack you if you attack him (Do not attack him due to a bug that makes him fly away)).
~16 mannequins.
Throne for player and wife(unknown reason why).
Treasury room for items, different chests for different things, ex one for weapons another for armor and for fun even one for Junk. :P
basement with forge,+torture chamber.
Traders/Merchants in house.
crafting tables (enchant & alchemy).
couple of soulgems.

To Fix/Make/Add
Some more interior [~80% done]
Some random enchanted items (one item so far [~5%](dont even know how many random enchanted items I will make))
Traders/Merchants (none yet [0%])
Torture Chamber [~50%] (they will respawn if they die)
Other improvements
Make so that the guards go sleep at night (now they patrol forever)

Known Bugs/issues

mannequins will stand/walk randomly, and then teleport to right place (dont know why they do that...)
Dovahkiins Crown, some kind of bug makes it possible to wear both the crown and one helmet.


V 1.01
- Added a crown for dovahkiin
- Fixed some bugs/issues
V 1.02
- Added more items in Great-Hall