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Playing Skyrim today, I ventured into a cave. I had immortal mode on (health didn't go below 1, I couldn't die). There was this bandit guy in this cave. He was strong. And, well... this was the result.

-Only one quest is done--the intro one. He's level 81 with all perks, but not overpowered with his current gear.
-Be sure not to transform into a werewolf, or it will go back to normal.
-Fast traveling does not fix this. In fact, the head travels with you.
-Going into first-person makes the head on the floor go invisible, but this is only because first-person makes your character invisible. Going back into third-person, you can see the head on the floor again.

Have fun playing as the Headless Khajiit!

Put the file in My Games/Skyrim/Saves.

Credits to TheClassyPython, for the Khajiit save, which I used when getting my head cut off: