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Last updated at 10:53, 19 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 8:45, 12 May 2012

Finally it's time again to release my next house mod and I really hope you like it. It's my favorite work so far
and I think it's pretty well done.

I hope you like it and download till the Server can't handle it anymore ;).
And don't forget to ENDORSE this mod if you like it!!! Please take the time to do so, cause I don't want to get my mod
again lost in the nexus vaults ^^.

Video by svaalbard: ( Big thanks to him check him out svaalbard )


As I am not that good at Questing at the moment the house is curently just available without any quest.
It was built in ancient times by the Dwemer and was long lost now it suddenly appeared could it be, a
mechanic effect that the Dwemer included?
Maybe! The further work depends on the interest this mod gets.
Tho I hope you really like the feeling of a mechanical dwemer styled house. You will find lots of detailed work inside and
also some hidden features that aren't common in the normal World like a shower thats useable with a vent.
I hope you enjoy to explore it and live there!

INFO: All my mods are also available in GERMAN!! just check the download


Tooo many to count ;):

- Unique home
- Dwemer pipes
- A place to sit and view the world

- Manequins
- Weapon display
- Smithing area (self designed)
- Cooking area (self designed) with special food boxes
- large fireplace
- Bathing area (functional shower!)
- Storage boxes
- Melting stations
- Sharpening stations
- a well at the entrance
- UNIQUE LOOK and Dwemer design

- cool Alchemie area
- cool Enchanting area
- Manequins
- Storage
- special designs
- a beatiful bedcorner
- new alchemic storage boxes
- potion shelfs
- find the TELEPORTATION tome on the bed !!!
- UNIQUE LOOK and Dwemer design

- more Manequins
- Weapon display
- Weapon racks
- Display cases
- Shelfs with glass and filled with treasure
- Storage boxes
- UNIQUE LOOK and Dwemer design

Ancient Cave:
- More a experiment what i can do with trying around
- Dwemership with weapons
- Miningplaces
- Awsome feeling
- Great cave
- UNIQUE LOOK and Dwemer design



For further description or more detailed info please check out the readme file.

Also big thanks to the following people:

Blary (great Resources among those are the potionracks, foodcontainers, openbooks)
visit his page: Blary

Oaristys (great Resources among those are the little clutter stuff I used)
visit his page: Oaristys

Tony67 (great Resources among those the goldcoin piles I used for the ship)
visit his page: Tony67

NNWs (great Script for Teleport)
he isn't on nexus anymore I think

eldiabs for his support and patience with me when I annoy him to help me with lighting problems or so!
Check out his latest house mod: Sleeping Tree Sanctuary

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Finally please don't forget to:

Thank you!!!! ^^