Legendary Smithing Upgrades by Lucubration
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Added: 27/11/2011 - 01:38AM
Updated: 08/12/2011 - 02:03AM

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Last updated at 2:03, 8 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 1:38, 27 Nov 2011

This plugin modifies the 'Steel Smithing' perk and several other items to apply the "improve them twice as much" effect to many armor and weapons in the game, including:
- Fur Armor
- Hide Armor
- Leather Armor
- Studded Armor
- Iron Armor
- Forsworn Armor
- Stormcloak Armor
- Imperial Armor (Heavy, Studded, and Light)
- Ancient Nord Armor
- Falmer Armor
- Blades Armor
- Thieves Guild Armor
- Guild Master's Armor
- Linwe's Armor

- Shrouded Armor*
- Nightingale Armor*

- Iron Weapons
- Imperial Weapons
- Silver Weapons
- Ancient Nord Weapons
- Falmer Weapons
- Ghostblade
- The Rueful Axe
- Nettlebane

This plugin also modifies the 'Dragon Armor' perk to allow double improvement of Daedric artifacts if you have recipes for upgrading Daedric artifacts in your game.

Speaking of which, many upgrades for items (including some categories I've listed above) are not upgradable in the unmodified game. I did not add any smithing recipes in this plugin. I recommend checking out the Lost Art of the Blacksmith plugin, which adds many upgrade recipes for items such as Silver Swords and the Daedric artifacts that aren't in the original game.

It's quite possible that there are other item types I haven't listed above that are also able to be 'double improved' with the Steel Smithing perk. My goal with this plugin is to cover all armor and weapon types that aren't part of another Smithing perk.

If I did accidentally steal an armor or weapon type upgrade class from another perk, please let me know and I'll see if I can fix it. If I left out an armor or weapon type, you can feel free to let me know as well and I'll see if I can include it.

*Note: I wanted to put the Shrouded and Nightingale armors under the 'Advanced Armors' perk, but the properties of the leveled variants of these armors didn't seem to be consistent, and some of them fell under the other armor types and were upgradable with only the Steel Smithing perk anyways, so I went ahead and put them all under Steel Smithing for consistency.