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This mod adds or modifies sleepable surfaces at locations around the world to let the player rest at locations where it seems logical they'd be able to.

Full list as follows:
Angi's Camp (by the workbench)
Bard's College (downstairs, general quarters area)
Brinehammer Ship wreak (lower hold)
Bthalft (lower area)
Crabber's Shanty (fisherman's bed)
Froki's Shack (kid's bedroll)
Greywater Grotto (by corpse at the end chest)
Haemar's Shame (first room, by thrall spawn)
Halfmoon Mill (in the meathouse)
Heartwood Mill (among the chickens)
High Htrothgar (by idle pilgrim)
Honningbrew Meadery (main building, upstairs by the other bedroll. Thieves guild only)
Hunter's Rest (hunter bedrolls)
Lost Echo Cave (by pillar in brazier/main room)
Palagia Farm (stable building on the hill, among the hay)
Mzulft Storeroom (main room)
Reachwind Eyrie (at entrance)
Riften, Beggar's Row (first bedroll on the left)
Sarethi Farm (among the chickens)
Shor's Stone (on smith's porch)
Southfringe Sanctum (in tent by the anvil)
Stony Creek Cave (by treasure chest)

All of these are placed or modified to blend these into the surroundings as seemlessly as possible. Other locations may follow as I come across them. Surgestions welcome but keep in mind the idea is to keep this mod simple and relatively light.

NOTE: Dawnguard makes some changes to the game world at some of these locations. I believe I've adjusted all placements so they no longer look out of place if you use Dawnguard, but let me know if I missed any!
Dawnguard is NOT required for this mod.

Also available on Steam.