Concentration spells made useful by SirAmikVarse
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This is just a few changed spells to offer new powers and costs of the concentration spells - its a tiny mod that I thought I would upload because I didn't see one already posted.

I personally like the concentration spells but their power is made obsolete very quickly, this is my attempt to make them more usable (keep in mind it took about 2 hours and isn't a master work or re texture) - I may be able to make other versions but for now its just the one.

There are 6 spells now, 2 of each type of concentration spell, one does 30dps and the other does 60 dps. They have a reasonable cost of magicka if you have problems with the cost you should look into enchanting, as you can reduce any destruction cost by 100% with the know how

You find the spell tomes just in Riverwood along the first wall you normally come to, the pictures show where better then I can explain - that's the only copy in the game you wont find anyone else with the spell.