Breton Summoner - Asla and Esmeralda by MrIllusion
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Asla, young and eager, has just made her way to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. Following her every step of the way (well, almost), is her Flame Atronach companion, Esmeralda.

- Set to Essential by default.
- Level scales with PC.
- Comes with basic equipment, spells and perks.
- Does NOT gain any new spells or perks by default.
- Summons Esmeralda in combat (if not already present).
- Prefers ranged combat.
- Potential marriage partner.

- Levels scales with PC.
- Long summon duration (similar to Thralls).
- Receives new spells and perks depending on Asla's Conjuration skill. (Every 20 points in Conjuration)
- Prefers ranged combat.
- Doesn't take orders from PC (hah!).

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Follower Mods like UFO or XFF really add to the fun factor. UFO allows followers to learn new spells, so some people might like that. I prefer the layout of XFF myself. Either one should be fine.

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