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Hello Dovahkiins :D

Tired of swords, boring axes and ugly hammers, no problem, cause now you can get Claws.
Vokunzun a legendary evil dragonborn was killed many ages ago and his claws in which were lying the words of his unique claw shout, were hidden in Skyrim. Now is the time come to get them on your hands and strike like a weapon.


What's inside:

-Claws of Vokunzun Shout, each word adds a pair of claws for 60 seconds and doubles the damage
-Quest leading to find the claw words of the shout


How to start the quest:

Go to High Hrothgar, then head to the sleep place and read the Nimaar's letter on the dresser.


Use the Nexus Mod Manager or extract the files to your Skyrim/Data folder and select it in the Skyrim launcher.

Version 1.1
- bug fixes
- now using bsa file

Version 1.2
- added a warning 5 seconds before the claws are removed

Version 2.0
- switched from unarmed to two handed
- progress in two handed skill
- added bleeding damage

Optional downloads:
- Damascus steel texture
- God mode version (reduced recovery time and the claws stays 5 minutes)

This are improved claws from my other mod X-Men - Wolverine which if you want, you can download here:

If you want to know what Vokunzun and Nimaar means, try the dragon language :-)

Wish much fun and greetings from Slovakia :D
Tom (Space Wiking)