Craftable Nightingale Armor by JMichi
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Added: 10/05/2012 - 04:13AM
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Craftable Nightingale Armor

NOTE 03/25/12: This mod is currently not working because I havent had the time to keep it updated. Please check Blazie's mod @ which incorporates this mod along with other unenchanted items.

I was surprised when I searched all over and couldn't find a a mod for craftable set of the Nightingale Armor. So I decided to make it. This is my first mod so its very simple. This mod does NOT replace the original Nightingale Armor.

  • Adds a set of unenchanted Nightingale Armor to the game.
  • A recipe to craft it at a forge
  • Can now be tempered at a workbench.
  • The armor is enchantable at an Arcane Enchanter.

Requirements to craft:
Arcane Blacksmith Perk (lvl 60 smithing)
Have completed the Blindsighted quest (killed Mercer and be on the quest to return the Skeleton Key)

Because it only takes 2 perks to be able to make this awesome set of armor, I figured it would be fair to make the materials a bit of a pain to get, within reason. The 3 items you'll need essentially is Void salts (that is used for tempering it), leather and strips, a very small quantity of quicksilver ingots (used for elven armor, however I included these just to add pacing to the game. So that you aren't making this armor way too early on.)

If your just interested in the armor without the hassle then here is the item codes:
Nightingale Gloves: 0A000D64
Nightingale Boots: 0A000D65
Nightingale Hood: 0A000D66
Nightingale Armor: 0A000D68

If your using Nexus Mod Manager, it should load up just fine. Just make sure that it is selected under the plugins tab.
If your not using Nexus Mod Manager, extract the contents of the zip to the data folder of skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data), then run the launcher.


Version notes:
0.2 Fixed Tempering recipe. Can now be upgraded at a workbench.