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Heimsgarðr (aka My Skyrim Home)

~~~~Please read Update Notes before updating from old version~~~~

My Skyrim Home - On Steam

Adds a small home in skyrim. This house provides you with a means to easily and quickly store the clutter you collect in Skyrim. It is your Skyrim Home, decorate it the way you see fit. Stock the shleves with the items you want. Display the weapons you actually use.

-Help book on coffee table
-Item Sorters with customizable sorting lists
-Stockable Wine Racks
-Stockable Shelves
-Large Book Shelves
-Weapon Racks
-Dagger Display Cases
-Hold Banner decorations (added through becoming hold thane)
-Mounted animal heads (added through bringing home animal hides/parts)
-Altar stand (added through possessing amulets)
-Herb Garden
-Vegtable Garden with Chickens
-Alchemy Lab
-Enchanting Table
-cooking pot
-Large Bed

Extract zip to Skyrim data folder. The includes the "Skyrim Home.esp," Scripts folder, and Meshes folder.

Delete the "Skyrim Home.esp" and folder named EHStuff in the Meshes folder.

Update Notes
-Remove any items from your bedroom containers before updating to 1.2

Update Log
-Updated outside, stable, bench, lantern, butterflies, ect..
-New hidden room within the hidden room.. Inception anyone?
-Dragon Claw display
-Dragon priest Mask display
-Elder Scroll wall display
-Rare item cases
-Leather, Gems, Keys, Food, Armor sorters added
-Dagger case in bedroom made into Jewelry case
-Kitchen redone
-Bedroom updated to better looking items

-Fixed Shrines, can now be enabled
-Added potion sorting to postions chest
-Few other small bug fixes

Initial Release

Big Thanks to Darth Minflexzel for his support, testing, and helpful ideas.

Bethesda for making such an awesome game.

Thank you too all the people leaving suggestions on my facebook page:

Denis Perron for suggesting the new name for the house.

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