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BETA 0.2
mod first published 05.09.2012
current version published 05.13.2012

Rogue Hallow(tm)


07.12.12:All RH mods are taking a brief hiatus while I fix/replace my graphics card. Please stay tuned for updates!

05.13.12: A new version of the mod is now available. This fixes the issue with Apple Pies being named Meat Pies.

05.09.12: RH Whole Foods is now available for download! Please try it out and leave feedback in the comments or send me a PM!

As much fun as it is to delve into dungeons and slay dragons - or just pickpocket everybody in town without getting caught - there is a simple pleasure to a nice, home cooked meal. At the end of the day, even the Dovahkiin needs a bite to eat now and again.

Rogue Hallow's Whole Foods adds recipes for some existing foods that don't already have them, and adds a handful of recipes for new foods as well. In addition, it distinguishes soups by giving them distinct textures - no more mixing up your Cabbage Apple Soup and Horker Stew.

* Allows cooking of Bread, Pies, Sweet Rolls, Baked Potatoes, Grilled Leeks, Cabbage Soup, and Seared Slaughterfish
* Adds Imperial and Skyrim Clam Chowder, Chicken Soup, and Beef Pie recipes
* Gives distinctive textures to most individual soups and stews
* Raises the Bread health effect from +2 to +5
* Slaughterfish now drop raw meat
* Places honey in bee hives and vendor inventories, and reduces the size of its model

-Cabbage Soup-
Only one sample of this soup could be found in the original game. It can now be cooked at the cooking pot.
Ingredients: cabbage, garlic, leek, salt
Effects: Stamina +10, Health +10

-Skyrim Clam Chowder-
A traditional soup of the Skyrim coastal regions.
Ingredients: clam, garlic, potato, salt
Effects: Fortify Stamina 25 for 720 seconds, Health +15, Restore Health 1/second over 720 seconds

-Imperial Clam Chowder-
A newer take on the classic chowder, created by Imperial settlers and generally frowned at by native Nords.
Ingredients: clam, garlic, tomato, salt
Effects: Stamina +15, Fortify Health 25 for 720 seconds, Restore Health 1/second over 720 seconds

-Chicken Soup-
This famous healthful dish is now available to all slayers of dragons... and chickens.
Ingredients: chicken, carrot, leek, salt
Effects: Stamina +15, Health +15, Restore Health 1/second over 720 seconds

-Apple Pie-
Pies may now be cooked at the cooking pot!
Ingredients: green apple, red apple, wheat, salt
Effects: Health +10

-Beef Pie-
A savory pie made with beef and carrots.
Ingredients: beef, carrots, wheat, salt
Effects: Stamina +15, Health +15

Make fresh bread at any cooking pot.
Ingredients: wheat, salt
Effects: Health +5

-Sweet Roll-
If someone steals your sweet roll, just make another!
Ingredients: wheat, honey
Effects: Health +5

-Baked Potatoes-
Hot potatoes in the comfort of your own home.
Ingredients: potatoes, salt
Effects: Health +5

-Grilled Leeks-
They're tough to keep on a plate, but they restore an extra point of health.
Ingredients: leeks, salt
Effects: Health +6

-Seared Slaughterfish-
A slaughterfish bit you while you were swimming? Bite it back.
Ingredients: slaughterfish meat, salt
Effects: Health +5

Whole Foods should only conflict with mods that change soups and stews, extensively alter recipes, or edit the Inn Common Foods leveled list.

The Elsweyr Fondue texture needs slight adjustment to remove a minor graphical glitch.

I'm not sure if anyone else is getting this, but my Apple Pie has been inexplicably renamed to Meat Pie. I'm looking into it. (FIXED: Pies are now Applie Pies as they should be. During the Burning of Olaf in Solitude, Sorex will give you a Beef Pie after offering you "a free meat pie")

* Continue adding recipes and new food per user suggestions

* Possibly make compatible versions for other mods, again, depending on user input

* Create a version of the mod where wheat can be ground into flour, then used in recipes

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Mod created by Rogue Hallow

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Creation Kit

Thanks to:
Bethesda and the makers of Skyrim
The creators and maintainers of the Skyrim Nexus

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