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The sword is one handed (can be held in any hand) and its a unique weapon which can only be found in Stillborn Cave north-east on the world map. Its placed on a throne inside the cave. Getting there might proove a bit difficult but its worth it since the sword is strong. If you cannot find the sword on the throne loot the Falmer around the throne, sometimes one of them picks it up.

Steam Workshop Version

> added the two-handed version
> added recipes to "convert" the sword into two- and one-handed
> stats balancing

Note: The sheath of the two-handed version always stays on the back of the character. Due the bad positioning of the default back position the sheath also has some clipping errors sometimes, I cannot solve those.

Basic values:


Raw damage: 15
Value: 4500
Weight: 14


Raw damage: 25
Value: 4500
Weight: 14

You can craft the one-handed Sword into a two-handed sword at the forge, provided that you have the Ebody Smithing-Skill and you need the Loner's Sword one-handed as an ingredient. You can craft it the other way around, too.
The swords are stronger than Daedric weapons, but cost a lot more to improve. Both recipes can be found in the Steel category of the forge menu.
If you want both swords at the same time simply add them over the console, they have the following FormID:

One-handed: XX01000D62
Two-handed: XX01001002
Where "XX" is the mod start number.
If you don't know how to find out the mod start number type the following into the console:
help loner's 4
then add the item to you inventory by writing
player.additem 1

Graphic features include a baked normals map which makes the shading look really good. Textures are high-resolution to add to you gaming experience. It also includes a custom sheath and realistic shaders.
If there are any bugs, post in the comments and it will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Video previews:

Thanks to Brodual for the video!

Thanks to MxR for the review.

Have fun!

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