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This mod adds 27 new magically infused alcoholic beverages to the game. The drinks are spread across Skyrim in various towns and taverns. Upon drinking, each beverage gives the player a permanent 'active effect' bonus of some kind. e.g. Hearty Hops - +10 Health. When in the players inventory, all of the drinks sit under the 'food' tab.

This mod is meant to provide some challenge and entertainment and as such the player must use their mind to find the magical drinks. A book titled 'The Drunkards Book' can be found somewhere in The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. This book contains various rhymes/poems riddles and clues regarding the location of the drinks.

“Various alcoholic beverages infused with magical properties have been spread out across the cities and towns of Skyrim. The drunken wizard who created them has left a book containing clues on where to find them at The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.”

For anyone who wants the locations of the drinks given to them or for anyone who is having trouble finding one of the drinks here is a video that reveals the locations of every drink


1. Place the esp file and BSA Archive in your Skyrim/Data directory.
2. Enable the esp file in the Skyrim Game Launcher or equivalent.

That's it! :)

Proper Drinking etiquette

1. Drink a beverage taking note of the bonus it is meant to give.

2. DO NOT OPEN inventory for a few seconds, when you drink one of the drinks it adds an active effect for a second or two. After this effect wears off a new effect should be added to your active effects tab in the magic menu, this is the permanent bonus...Sometimes if you open your inventory too fast the first temporary active effect might still be in effect. If this is the case close your inventory wait for the active effect to end, then the permanent one should be added to your active effects tab.

3. Check your active effects tab, looking for the name of what the drink increases, e.g. If you drank Titan on Tap, look for a "Fortify Heavy Armour" effect under the active effects tab, when you put your mouse over this active effect the name of the source should show as Titan on Tap.

This is the first mod I have made that has reached the upload stage...
If it's not too much trouble, please give me feedback.
Be sure to let me know about any issues or bugs you encounter (hopefully there won't be many if any)


List of drinks and effects

27 Drinks total


Hearty Hops - +10 Health
Green Fairy - +10 Stamina
Mystical Mead - +10 Magicka

>Combat Skills<

Barbarian Beer - +5% Two handed Damage
Samurai Sake - +5% One handed Damage
Centurion Cider - +5% Damage Block
Deadeye Daiquiri - +5% Damage with Bows
The Anvil - Improvements on armour and weapons are 5% better
Titan on Tap - +5 Heavy Armour skill

>Stealth Skills<

Brewers Brew -Created Potions are 5% better
Bards Brandy - Prices are 5% better
Rogues Rum - Sneaking is 5% better
Swindlers Swill - Pickpocket Success is 5% better
Locks of Lager - Lockpicking is 5% easier
Feathery Flip - +5 Light armour skill

>Magic Skills<

Reshaping Red - Alteration Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
The Spawn - Conjuration Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
The Apocalypse - Destruction Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
Enchanted Elderberry - +5 Enchant skill
Phantom Punch - Illusion Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
The Rejuvenator - Restoration Spells are 5% cheaper to cast


Blazing Bourbon - +10 Fire Resistance
Nippy Night Cap - +10 Cold Resistance
Magnetic Mead - +10 Shock Resistance
The Wall - +5 Magic Resistance
The Panacea - + 20 Disease Resistance
Snakebite - +20 Poison Resistance

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