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NOTE: This mod is no longer supported. According to users the latest patch has broken the mod. If anyone wants to take over and make an updated version feel free.

SKREEE! Less Frequent Dragons

SKREEE is, simply put, a mod that reduces the amount of random spawns and dragon attacks. That means when out walking, or fast travelling to a town or village you'll be less likely to hear that roar and think "Oh, not AGAIN".

Why make a mod that reduces Dragon attacks?
I was certainly excited when I fought my first Dragon. By the time I'd fought my twentieth it was getting old. Dragon fights are supposed to be epic, and should feel epic. That means that they should be difficult and not an every day occurrence (or every ten minutes as the case may be). Plenty of other mods have done wonders to make dragons more threatening, but unfortunately there's not much that's been done on making them less... irritatingly common.

How does it do it?
This mod works by attaching a random number generator condition to the event that spawns dragons in the wilderness or attacking towns and villages. It generates a number between 0 and 99 and if that number isn't less than or equal to fifty or twenty-five, depending on the version you choose, no dragon appears. The Main Quest options only reduce dragon spawns after you've beaten the main quest.

What about the Dragons at Word Walls?
They're untouched, when you want to fight a Dragon you should go hunt it, not wait around till it bumps into you whilst burning down a village. That's sort of the point of the mod, Dragons should be something you seek out as the Dovahkiin, not an annoying screeching thing that follows you around everywhere being more of a nuisance than a threat. That's just a Cliff Racer.

Is it compatible with Deadly Dragons/Mighty Dragons/Dragon Overhaul/Resilient Dragons/Dragons Hunt in Swarms/etc?
Not only is it compatible, it's recommended. Skreee should work with any of them, but just in case make sure it's lower/after the mod in the load order. The only exception is Dragons Hunt in Swarms, but it should still work, just at a lower spawn frequency.

Myself, for being devilishly handsome.
Alina Halo - For the excellent DHiS DIY manual and for fixing all my stupid mistakes!

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