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Last updated at 3:47, 20 May 2017 Uploaded at 6:02, 9 May 2012

This mod has been ported to the Skyrim Special Edition - if you would like to use this mod in that version of the game it can be found >>HERE<<

While playing the game with a Vigilent of Stendarr themed character along with all sorts of extra spawn mods and difficulty enhancers, I noticed my character having a few... hmm... let's call them survival issues.  I quite like all those types of mods so I didn't want to get rid of them but there was simply too much incoming damage in many situations for the standard robes plus a few armor pieces that those characters tend to wear to give you enough damage reduction to live for very long.

Sure the mage armor spells and perks were an option and potential solution but that grew to be a tedious magical treadmill of cast armor spell --> fight for a short time --> spell expires mid battle --> don't notice your armor is gone --> reload game after watching your ragged corpse go flying.  I was getting tired of this and yet wanted to keep the same visual look for my character as I do like very much how Bethesda has done the mage robes in this game.

So, what this mod does is it adds armored variants of all the enchanted college and standard mage robes that can be found in the game.  Think of it as if we've gotten an armor slot back or that we've gotten layered clothing like we had in Morrowind back and you're wearing your robes over your normal chest armor.  That's how I like to think of it in any case (we can dream right?).  There are both light armor and heavy armor versions so users of both styles of armor and the various armor materials can pick and choose the appropriate variant for their use.  Not every last armor material that is available in the base game is represented by the robes I've added in, but a good selection of them for each armor type are.

Visually, these added Robes are ** EXACTLY ** the same as the standard mage robes that are already in the game - no new meshes are included.

Additions and Changes for v1.1

Unenchanted variants of all of the armored robes have been added into the mod.  These function exactly the same as all of the original enchanted versions, you can now simply add in your own custom enchantments (or double enchantments for you master enchanters) if you don't care for the
standard college robe enchantments the armored robes usually come with. These unenchanted versions have been added into the same leveled lists
as the originals and should show up alongside them on the usual random chance basis.

Additions and Changes for v1.2

The new unenchanted variants of the armored robes have been more fully integrated into the standard vendor lists but can still show up from the same sources as above, in addition blacksmiths now have a chance to carry some of the unenchanted versions.  Standard merchants where you'd usually find the robes such as general traders and court wizards will typically see the unenchanted versions slightly earlier than the enchanted versions than in previous versions to reflect the more "mundane" and non-magical nature of their typical customer (i.e. non-mages or novice mages).  The College vendors initially start out this way with the lower tiers of the armored robes, but starting with tier 3 Adept level robes and up, you'll begin to find the magical enchanted versions earlier and in some cases much earlier than the unenchanted versions.

As above with the merchant vendors, the unenchanted variants have also been added to the same loot and clothing lists as mentioned above and those leveled lists have seen revisions so you might find NPCs added by other mods or standard dungeon loot containing a set of the robes slightly more frequently now.  You'll typically see the unenchanted versions before the enchanted ones but as always there is some random chance factor here when dealing with leveled lists and how they fill out.  You might get lucky and see something you're looking for earlier than you would normally or you may have a run of bad luck and not find anything you want for a long time.

These new unenchanted versions can now also be created and improved at a blacksmith forge and workbench respectively as creation and tempering recipes have been added for all variants.  All perk and material requirements remain roughly the same between these armored robes and the standard armor pieces in the base game, so for example you'll need the Ebony Smithing perk to create Expert Heavy Robes aside from the usual material prerequisites and an Ebony Ingot to improve said robes.  If you're trying to improve an enchanted version of a robe, you'll need the Arcane Blacksmith perk in order to do so.

The robes added and the specific armor material they correspond with are as follows:

Light Armor Robes                   Armor Material

Light Novice Robes                                Leather

Light Apprentice Robes                          Elven

Light Adept Robes                                   Scaled

Light Expert Robes                                   Glass

Light Master Robes                               Dragonscale

Heavy Armor Robes                 Armor Material

Heavy Novice Robes                                  Steel

Heavy Apprentice Robes                         Dwarven

Heavy Adept Robes                                    Orcish

Heavy Expert Robes                            Ebony

Heavy Master Robes                                  Daedric

Within their respective material traits, they function exactly like armored chest pieces of the appropriate armor material aside from weighing a heck of a lot less than the standard models.  Any armor perks that require chest pieces to complete the set will work just as they would with the normal armor chest piece so perks such as Well Fitted and Matching Set work exactly as they should and are most certainly worth taking with a character that uses these new robes.  Armor perks from perk overhaul mods will probably work as long as they conform to and respect the standard keyword conventions as outlined by Bethesda.


All of the robes are available from the usual sources, with the College of Winterhold mage vendors being the most reliable and consistent source of the robes but you'll also see them show up frequently in the vendor lists of the court wizards and less often available for purchase from the general goods merchants around the gameworld (including the Khajiit Caravans traveling merchants).  Blacksmiths now have a chance to carry the robes as well.  Robe availability is still level based just as with the base robes so you're not going to be seeing Master level robes at level 3.  Prices for the new robes are in general much higher than the standard non-armored versions of the robes, usually in the 50% or greater range.

This mod uses the standard leveled lists for mage robes.  As a consequence of this aspect, understand that any standard container or mod added container or standard NPC or mod added NPC that uses those same lists to populate their loot lists (such as dungeon chests) or outfit lists (what an NPC is supposed to wear) can and will use the robes on a random basis.  This is fully intended behavior and not a bug or glitch in the mod.  A leveled list merge (such as a Merge Patch from TES5Edit or Bash Patch from Wrye Bash) is still recommended if you have other mods in your load order that add to or change similar leveled lists.

There are additional visual variants for the Expert and Master level robes of both armor types.  Why you may ask?  Simple really, I like the default Expert and Master level robe meshes and color choices less than the other robes.  So when it came time to make this mod I made a second set of alternate robes for the Expert and Master level robes that use the earlier robe type meshes and colors.  This is spread over the extras on a random basis so you'll see Expert robes for certain magical effects that look like Novice robes of other effects and you might see Master robes that look like Adept robes in terms of meshes and coloration and so on.  The standard meshes for Expert and Master robes do still have alternate armored variants so you may continue to use them if you still prefer that style of robe.

None of the standard game robes have been removed or altered in any fashion, all of these added robes are new data entries so the usual game standard robes will occasionally still show up in the standard lists alongside these new robes.  This is also not a glitch but a good thing in my mind as you can still use or find those robes in the world and from vendors as usual - variety and randomness in loot and NPC attire to keep things interesting is not a bad side aspect of this integration.


Conflicts concerning the robes themselves should be non-existent as they are all new records but conflicts with other vendor or loot adding mods that
edit many of the same leveled lists are possible.  A merge or bash patch that combines your leveled lists is recommended - further information on how this can be done may be found HERE if you are unfamiliar with the creation of such a patch.


Standard install, use the mod manager of your choice to install or just drop the esp file into your Data directory manually and activate it.


Upgrading is a simple overwrite, install normally (either manually or via your mod manager of choice) and when prompted to replace the current version
just say yes.  If you're using a bashed or merged patch as is recommended you will need to rebuild this patch for the new robes to show up from the vendors.  You must also allow for the standard respawn cycle to pass for the new robes to appear, which is typically 2 game days unless you are running a mod that alters this setting - adjust your wait times accordingly.


Unequip any of the robes you're currently wearing from your character, remove the robes from your inventory, save the game and then quit Skyrim.  Deactivate the file and then delete the esp.  Make sure you rebuild any merge or bash patch you created to deal with leveled list conflicts or you'll get a game crash due to a missing master file if the original patch included lists edited by this mod.  Shouldn't in theory have any affect on save games, but do be aware that removing mods from an active save game is generally not a good idea - proceed at your own risk.