Daedric Artifact Disenchantments by The Fish Assassin
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Version 1.0.2!

NOTICE: Once an item is disenchanted, it IS destroyed. As such, enchantments that are learned cannot be forgotten. Please be sure to KEEP A CLEAN SAVE FILE and double check what you are disenchanting to prevent any conflict.

This is a simple mod that allows for the disenchantment of special Daedric weapons and armor given by the Daedric Lords.

Currently supported items are as follows:
As of 1.0.2:
-Dragon priest masks
As of 1.0.1:
-Rueful Axe
-Ebony Blade
-Ebony Mail
-Mace of Molag Bal
-Masque of Clavicus Vile
-Mehrunes Razor
-Ring of Hircine
-Ring of Namira
-Savior's Hide

Known Bugs:
-Enchantment effects for Ebony Mail and Spellbreaker are always active. (cause unknown)
-Enchanted staves cannot be disenchanted due to the nature of staves.

At the moment, the enchantments are given to the player under the name of the items themselves (ex; disenchanting the Mace of Molag Bal will give you the "Mace of Molag Bal enchantment").

More to come:
-Gain base enchantments from each item
-Support for other legendary weapons and armor

Suggestions, requests, tips and tricks are always welcome.