Improvement of towns and villages - Rivervud Vaytran Rorikst by joker96
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Added: 08/05/2012 - 07:10PM
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Last updated at 19:19, 8 May 2012 Uploaded at 19:10, 8 May 2012

The mod that improves the atmosphere Vaytrana, Rivervuda, Roriksteda, rift, and Folkrita Ayvarsteda, decorating the settlements by different objects. Adds the specified city of flora and fauna Skyrim various buildings and the NPC. The total number of added NPC - 53 people.

The archive contains 7 files - in one of them (uluchenie gorodov.esp) contains all the changes to version v 0.8.2 inclusive, the other according to their name
Now the archive in 7z format
Who is not waiting for Helga, do not worry it's almost ready, but there will be a separate mod

u] Version History:

v 0.8
- Slightly improved Roriksted: added vegetation and livestock.
- In a companion Rivervud added Warrior - he has 10 levels, but the maximum level of 255.

- Added 5 in the Rift NPC.
- In Rivervud 3 guard, added a bit of vegetation, removing unnecessary.
- In Vaytran added a bit of vegetation, removed an unnecessary, added 5 NPC.

v 0.9
- In Roriksted added a large wall surrounds the entire city, added nine NPC three of them children and 10 guards

v 1.0
- In Rorikstede completed wall.
- In Vaytran added seven NPC, two of them children.
- In Rivervud added 5 NPC.
- Added 5 in the Rift NPC.

v 1.1.1

- Fixed a bug where a female noblewoman said a male voice.
- Fixed a bug where the girl looked like a boy.
- Added 3 NPC.

- Fixed Wall, now it no longer hangs in the air, the extra elements of the wall removed.


- Removed a large number of cows, they are now 4.
- Added an NPC.

- Added the gate

v 1.2

All-added NPC prescribed the appropriate variety of items, money and weapons
-Fixed a glitch when the blacksmith was a miner in the clothing

- Added 4 guard, standing at the entrance to the city.
- Move the obstacles impeding the gate opening.
- Fixed bug with entering the guard at the gate, now when the gate opens, then shift the guards, and do not pass through them.

v 1.3

- Fixed a bug when the gentlewoman did not say anything

- Added eight NPC.
- Added 9 hens.
- Added a horse.
- Added a large number of markers of the action.

-Added a tent, it can sleep.

v 1.3.1
Fixed a bug where NPC was lost with the added clothing.

v 1.4.0
-Added the Wall
Added 6-guards who stand at the entrance to the city, two by two for each input
Added 6-NPC
Posted 8-hens

Fixed a bug where a part stands for the fish was in the tree

v 1.4.1
Fixed bug with hanging trees.

v 1.4.9
In-Wall Rorikstede finalized its unnecessary elements are removed
Earlier, it was added 10 Roriksted guards them now 4, previously they were called stranikami Vaytrana now they are called Roriksteda guards, and they are reinforced
Fixed a bug where the guards were called Rivervuda Vaytrana guards, and now, if you attack them, they will not just stand

v 1.5
In Roriksted-added vegetation
In the Rift-added some vegetation
-All added npc is now mortal, except for children
-From Rivervuda removed two blacksmith instead added new npc

v 1.5.5
Now, all added npc at night to disperse taverns

v 1.6
Now, all added npc guards to protect and they will not stand like a statue when the dragons attack
-Fixed all the errors in the voices added npc, for example, added dvoryaninka will no longer be talking male voice
-Fixed errors in the vegetation
-Fixed errors in ai packages, now a rich man from Vaytrana will no longer roam the street at night
-Fixed bug when added npc skin color was different from the head of the body color