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This mod is out of date, please head to the Additional Music Project , thank you :).

I've uploaded a zip containing the esp and the required files, which should be unzipped to Data/Music/Additional Music Pack II. The esp goes in the data folder.

It works over here but I'm going to need some help testing it. At this point I have no idea on compatibility issues, but not expecting any trouble. It's a possibility the tracks aren't playing frequently enough, if so, let me know. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

The downside of this version is that you cannot change when or where the music is played, for that see below.


So, it's time for part two. If you missed part one, go here.
To play these tracks ingame you need Personalized Music Mod or SkyRadio, unless you use the esp.

With 3 combat tracks, you could say this is the most agressive pack yet. Two regular combat tunes and a dragon combat tune. As ever, the whole pack can be listened to on Youtube. Tracks 6 to 10 of the Arne's Musical Adventures in Skyrim playlist are the ones featured in this pack. Two tracks will be in the video section as well.

- Edit May 13th: added a YT link for every track in the contents section (accessibility ftw!)



Check the notice section :).


For Skyradio and Personalized Music Mod (3.0 or below) users.


For Personalized Music Mod 4.0 users.


For those who want to use these in Oblivion or listen to them on mediaplayers.

- CONTENTS - (You can use the tracks in ANY folder, what follows is where I've put them)

01 - Frostfall
Exploring, any kind

02 - I'll Have Your Head
Combat, regular

03 - For Old Time's Sake
Combat, regular

04 - Trial By Fire
Combat, dragon

05 - It Crawls
Dungeons 'n caves

Enjoy, I hope ;).


No_Aardvarks_Allowed for the great tutorial!