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This is my first mod and I don't really know a lot of informatic, so if any user has questions or troubles I'll appreciate that everyone who can, will help him. And if anyone could make some decent pics of the armor sets, and upload them, I'll buy him a diamonds car, I swear it

I was tired of seeing all the guards have the same armor and there really was not much difference between the guards of Markarth, Morthal and Stomrcloaks (just to put an example..) So I decided to change that, and there was really impresive armor mods out there, so I put my hands on the work.

Unfortunately I don't have much more informatic knowledges so I didn't know how to make this mod stand alone, and you will need to download all the mods that are linked in credits section down here, to dodge CTDs, and naked Npc's. Also I strongly recomend you to start a new game to see the full extent of the mod and, one more time, to dodge naked Npc's.


It's highly recomended to install it while you are out of the city, or just get out and then come in again.

1---- Donwload the required mods linked in the Credit section and activate them
2---- Download Armies of Skyrim
3---- Install it using NMM and check the plugins are activated before playing

If anyone for any reason don't want to change all the guards that this mod changes, when you unpack Armies of Skyrim.rar you will see many .esp files, choose what you want and install it manually, but you will still need the required mods linked in the Credits secion.



You'll need to download all the mods linked in the credit section before installing Armies of Skyrim.
--In the case of Witcher 2 Models just download ''NORTHERN KINGDOMS HEAVY PLATE ARMOR''
--In the case of Omegared99 just the main file, called ''COMPILATION'' (3.3 version)



I've tested it in my computer a thousand times, my Skyrim is heavily modded so if you follow the installation steps you should not expect more issues than those listed here:

--- Ralof sometimes wear his vanilla outfit, when you meet him during Alduin attack while you are escaping from Helgen, I don't know how to fix this, I think that you should use the ''equipitem'' command in the console.

--- If you have installed all the required mods and Armies of Skyrim, but the guards just don't change anything, I'm sorry but the only fix I know is to start a new game. One or Two times when I tested it, the guards of a city previously visited are naked, somebody told me in Nexus Forums that's because Skyrim must reset from the start. But this hasn't been a trouble for me further than this two times.



I won't change any armor set, so feel free to do it by yourself, and if you have intention to upload it to any web you should ask me for permision and give credits, as well as to the other moders listed in credits section.

Actually I'm working on the SKYRIM NPC REDONE PROJECT, that changes the armor set to many characters as General Tullius, Mjoll, Commander Maro, Housecarls, Galmar Stonefist, Captain Aldis, some hirelings, etc... It doesn't should take much time for me to finish it, cause the biggest part of the work is already done, If anyone has any ideas I'll appreciate that you will share it in the comments section.


Thanks and credits to:

''Omegared99'' for his work on the new armors, download his mod here:

''Redxavier'' for his work on the witcher 2 helmet and shield packs, download his mod here:

''L0rd0fWar'' for his work on the witcher 2 models and armor, download his mod here:

''Rahman530'' for his work on the Lore-Friendly armor pack, download his mod here:

''TH3WICK3D1'' for his work on the Blue Stripes Commando and Elite armor, download his mod here:

''Nikinoodles'' for his work on the Cloaks of Skyrim, download his mod here:

''Hothtrooper44'' for his work on the Vanguard Armor, download his mod here:

Specially thanks to RedBull and the discoverer of coffe for his incredible contribution, this couldn't have been possible without both of you, honestly thanks



Pants for imperial heavy armor:

Pants for Imperial Light and Studded armor:

Enhanced Stormcloaks and Whiterun Guards Textures:



Credits to ''sdfgsdjfasdjk'' for the english translation, download his work down here, or in the update files: