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Adds a large Vampire Castle to the North of Northwatch Keep. This is an alpha version for testing, no interiors included yet. Also included is modder\'s resource esp for people who want to make their own large castles.

Permissions and credits
Vampire Castle ALPHA

Included are 2 esps and several new exterior static meshes adapted from the Castle Dour meshes.

VAMPIRECASTLE.esp adds a large Gothic Castle of the Undead roughly at -38, 35, near the Northeatern corner of the map, North of Northwatch Keep. It is VERY rough, I just set it up to make sure all the models work with properly with collision, etc. I have not yet created the interiors, but am working on a complete Vampire Castle mod.

VAMPIRECASTLE_modresource.esp is intended for modders and just adds the new exterior static meshes to the construction set under 'Architecture/VampireCastle', and makes no other changes to the game.

Copy the nif files into your Skyrim Data\Meshes\Architecture\VampireCastle folder.
Copy the esp files into your Skyrim Data folder.

The meshes do not yet have LOD files made for them, so they won't be seen from a distance I guess. Collision seems to work very well thanks to NifUtils. Let me know if there are other bugs that I missed.

As with all mods, use at your own risk. I tried to make sure nothing in this mod would cause any problems or conflicts, but take no responsibility for any problems this mod may cause for you.

Bethesda for making Skyrim
Skyfox for NifUtils
Macoron3 for updated NifUtils
The great

Have fun!