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Teddybears as modder's resource and as collectable toys. Ten different teddy available.

Permissions and credits
None of these resources or parts of them may be used in paid mods


Modder's Resource and esp

Authors: Tamira and Arion (known on Skyrim Nexus as Ariont50)
Original model of the teddy: Abitor (
Please vote for the file on that site of you like the teddy.

Tamira: Import of the model, Nifskope work, demo-esp
Arion: Additional textures, creation of all normal maps and environment maps.


First of all this is a modder's resource. The teddy-bears come with nine different textures. You may use the meshes and textures for your own mods as long as you give credit to the authors including the creator of the original model and you do not charge money for it.

We decided to add a demo esp for a preview in game and for those players who are not acquainted with the Creation Kit but want a teddy to take away.

Rumor has spread around the last shy teddy-bears that live in the woods near Riverwood that someone forgot a honey-pot by the river. So the last existing teddy-bears gathered there to have a banquet and a chat. Look for them outside Riverwood on a tree-stump to the left at the end of the bridge. Take care and be good to them.

Changes in Version 1.1:
Optimized the nifs and the collision
Removed redundant textures

Added a ragged Teddy to go with that ugly Hearthfire doll ...

Brodual kindly has included the teddys in his weekly Bits 'n' Bobs video #8, thank you very much! (2:12 - 2:36)


1. Extract the contents into your Data folder
2. Make use of them in your project


1. Extract the contents into your Data Folder
2. Enable the .esp
3. Find the Teddy's in the specified location.


1. Take them out of your ESP
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the resource


1. Disable the .esp
2. Remove any files associated with the Teddy's from your Data Folder.


Abitor from for the original model and texture
Insanity sorrow for his tutorial "Importing models into Skyrim" (
and for his Graphic artistry classes on Tes Alliance (
The Niftools team for giving us Nifskope
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit