HD Torch Variants by XRC
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3rd Edition Released 5/11/12!

What's new? Well mainly the entire torch has been refined, many of the errors due to texture-wrapping have been fixed so you won't see step-offs on the metal rings. Normal and specular maps are redone. There are several new wood textures to pick from. My favorites are #3, the Walnut, and #5 which is an enhanced vanilla texture with more color, contrast, and detail. These look better than previous versions so if you are using an older version, give one of these a shot.

UPDATE V2.3 5/9/12: Added Variant 7 - very similar to v4 but with slight changes in color and normal map. This was based off a suggestion from Modded.

UPDATE v2.2 5/8/12:
-Added Variant 5 - Iron Handled
-Added Variant 6 - Leather Handled

UPDATE v2.1 5/8/12: Added variants 3 and 4. Nothing dramatically different but the texture used for the wood grain uses the vanilla torch's texture. I do think it gives it a more realistic look. This was based off a suggestion from mkelton19. You can pick from a lighter wood (#3) or a darker wood (#4). See pics for comparison. Again, the difference may appear to be minimal or subtle to some, but it's there.

UPDATE v2.0 5/8/12: Version 2 of both torches is up. I recommend you try them if you used the previous versions. Version 2 has new normal and specular maps which I believe enhances their detail and realism. The changes are subtle but you will notice them better in-game. See pics for idea.

Nothing fancy here, this is just a retex of the torch with new textures using real wood, metals, cloth, and burnt wood from photos. I wanted to make it look realistic. I think it looks good but you will have to judge for yourself....

There are currently many varieties to choose from. The most recent torches
The texture and normal map are 2K res and the glow map (which was redone too) is 0.5k

To install, just decide which one you want to use and either paste the "data" folder into your Skyrim folder or use NMM to activate

This should not conflict with anything since it is just a replacer

If you have suggestions or good ideas that are within reason, I will try to implement them if possible.