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Have ever wondered why Khajiit and Vampires can only see in the dark for 30 seconds at a time? Or what happened to the Night-Eye spell? Me too!

This mod removes the vanilla blur, tint, sound and 30 second limit from Night-Eye powers. Adds Night-Eye as an apprentice level spell, includes Night-Eye scrolls, potions and learnable ench

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Night Eye Overhaul v1.3.1

Have ever wondered why Khajiit or Vampire can only see in the dark for 30 seconds at a time? Or why eyes adjusting to the dark are so noisy? What about how the mages of Tamriel forgot such a basic spell? Then this mod might be exactly what you’re looking for!

What this mod does:

- Removes time limit for Khajiit or Vampire Night Eye powers.
- Removed the, redundant, Night Eye effect from the Vampire “Embrace of Shadows”, power.
- Removes the blue tint present in the vanilla Night Eye.
- Removes the persistent blur from screen edges.
- Removes the sound when activating the Night Eye power.
- Adds Night Eye as an apprentice level spell that will dual cast and increase your illusion skill.
- Adds Night Eye spell tomes.
- Adds Night Eye scrolls and potions.
- Adds Night Eye enchanted jewellery and helmets. (The enchantment can be learnt)
- All items added to the game will turn up at appropriate vendors and as random loot.

Optional Files:
- Choice of 8 colour tints and/or radial blur to replace the default colourless Night Eye.
- Plugin to increase the brightness of the mods default Night Eye effect.
- Plugin to remove the duration from the Night Eye spell.
- Plugin to add a longer duration expert level spell.
- Plugin to double the duration of Night Eye potions.
- Plugin to double the duration of Night Eye scrolls.

Installation Instructions:

Automatic Installation (Recommended):
Download and install using the Nexus Mod Manager.

Manual Installation:
Copy the contents of the “Required Files” folder to your “Skyrim\Data” folder and enable “Night Eye Overhaul.esm” and “Night Eye Overhaul.esp” in the Skyrim launcher or your preferred mod manager.

All option plug-ins are contained within the “Optional Files” folder. To Install plug-ins, copy the required plug-in(s) from “Optional Files” to “Skyrim\Data” and enable via the Skyrim launcher or your preferred mod manager.

To use any of the optional Night Eye Effects, copy the appropriate plug-in from the “Optional Files\Night Eye Effects” folder to “Skyrim\Data”. Do NOT use more than one of these files at a time!


This mod will conflict with other mods that change the Khajiit/Vampire Night Eye powers, Vampire invisibility or edit one of the levelled lists edited by my mod. Other than those obvious exceptions, my mod is 100% compatible with all others.
For compatibility with mods that edit the same levelled lists, there are no problems using Wrye Bash to make a bashed patch. Hypothetically, ReProccer should work as well but has not been tested.

Release Notes:

Version 1.3.1 is released as is and has no gameplay changes from the previous version. I uploaded it because why not? The only difference is the removal of a dirty edit when I was porting the mod to Skyrim SE. If the dirty edit hasn't caused problems before, there's no real need to upgrade from v1.3.
As much as I would like to make a couple of additions, MCM support for example, I simply don't have the time to do so.

Update History:

- Removed one dirty edit from the esm file.

- Fixed flicker when disabling Night Eye power.
- Tweaked settings on default Night Eye effect, less colour loss caused by changes made for compatibility with CoT.
- Added a NMM scripted installer.
- Added plug-ins for 1.5x and 2.5x brightness
- Removed plug-ins for 4x and 5x as these were overly bright.

- Changed the Night Eye effect so it will now work with Climates of Tamriel installed.
- Tweaked the optional plug-ins for brighter Night Eye and added plug-ins for 2x and 4x brightness.

- Re-done mod from ground up, now uses an ESM file so plug-ins are easier to make.
- Added enchanted circlet and enchanted helmets.
- Added plug-in to add expert level Night Eye spell.
- Added plug-ins to enable radial blur.
- Minor name changes to avoid name conflicts on favourites menu.

- Added choice of 8 colour tints to replace the default colourless Night Eye.
- Changed duration of potions in for optional plug-in from 15/30/60/120 to 30/60/90/120 seconds.
- Added optional plug-in to double duration of Night Eye scroll.

- Changed base cost of spell to be closer to other apprentice level illusion spells.
- Changed duration of potions from 15/30/60/120 to 15/30/45/60 seconds.
- Changed value of spell tome, potions & enchanted jewellery.
- Some minor alterations to Night Eye visual effect settings.
- Added optional plug-in to remove duration from Night Eye spell.
- Added optional plug-in to restore the duration of Night Eye potions to 15/30/60/120 seconds.

- Fixed persistent blur still showing with Night Eye powers.

- Initial release.