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ESP Save Pack
Version: 1.0
By c_striker

This mod presents level one save games of 15 of the 300+ NPCs made playable by my preset mod, "ESP - Expanded Skyrim Presets", for those who may prefer a save file to a preset mod. The characters are exact duplicates of their NPC counterparts. The only exceptions are Nocturnal and Galmar Stone-Fist, for whom Bethesda assigned custom skin tones not available in character creation. In these two cases I have given the characters the closest playable skin tone available for their race. The NPCs included here as separate downloads are:

Annekke Crag-Jumper
Balgruuf the Greater
Camilla Valerius
Galmar Stone-Fist
General Tullius
Mercer Frey
Mjoll the Lioness
Susanna the Wicked
Ulfric Stormcloak

Because these player characters are exact replicas of the vanilla NPCs, they will look exactly like your in-game NPC regardless of what face mods you use. However, if you want both the player character and its NPC counterpart to look like they do in the screenshot, then you would need to use the same mods I do, as noted below.

Each character is saved immediately after entering Helgen Keep (Imperials with Hadvar, all others with Ralof).

If you would prefer a preset version of any of these or 300 other NPCs, please check out my ESP mod.

My other files on the Nexus:
* "Diverse Female Housecarls":
* "ESP - Expanded Skyrim Presets":
Save Files
* "Aela and Gormlaith":
* "Ahkari and Keerava":
* "Astrid and Karliah":
* "Cicero and Lucien Lachance":
* "Dromarash and Veezara":
* "Gabriella and Tonilia":
* "Hroki and Jordis":
* "Lisette and Muiri":
* "Lokir and Prima": (and 54462)
* "Val - Twin Sister of Vex":

Mods used in the screenshots
* "Better Females by Bella": ("No make up just improved textures" version)
* "Beauty Faces by NecKros": (specular map only)
* "No More Blocky Faces" by Xenius: (I use version 1.3)
I use a blend of these three mods. Install No More Blocky Faces first, then Bella's mod, then take only the specular map ( from the NecKros mod and use it to replace the one from Bella.
The specular map is located in the following folder: textures\actors\character\female
* "Natural Eyes" by nevenbridge: (human eyes only)
* "High Quality Eyes" by Xenius: (elf eyes only)
* "Straight hair retexture" by navetsea:

Installation (manual)
1. Extract the files of this mod to a temporary location (you can use 7zip:, to unzip them) and check the folder structure.
2. Copy the .ess file to your saved games folder, typically: \My Games\Skyrim\Saves
3. Launch Skyrim and load your saved game of choice.


If you wish to contact me, please do so by leaving a comment at the mod's thread.

Thanks to Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls Series of games.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on:
Thanks to the modders mentioned above for their efforts and improvements to the game.
Thanks to Nexus and the modding community for the access, tools and resources.

Tools Used
Bethesda's Skyrim and my "ESP - Expanded Skyrim Presets" mod (which in turn was built from Bethesda's Creation Kit)
7zip -