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Last updated at 17:27, 8 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 18:06, 6 May 2012


This mod adds an invisible variant of every vanilla helmet to craft at a smithing forge. That's all. No original helmets changed, no messing with perks, just your pretty (or not so pretty ;)) face without any AR loss.

Works with any race and perk. Every one of them can be improved and enchanted.

Important: Every helmet's crafting recipe needs Invisibility Dust. You can make it at a smelter from Nirnroot, Crimson Nirnroot, Chaurus Eggs, Ice Wraith Teeth, Luna Moth Wing, or Vampire Dust. This is a small toll to pay for invisibility, don't complain about it. Since version 1.1 Invisibility Dust will only appear in the smelting menu if you have any of these ingredients in your inventory.


The main idea is from Invisible Helmets - Aesthetics for Skyrim by DarkenDE. If you'd like to hide every NPC's helmet too, use that mod instead, no need for this one. It does the same, but to the original helmets. Removed, unfortunately.

All the helmets are in sync with the Weapons and Armor Fixes by Headbomb, so it's highly recommended to install that mod too, or else some invisible helmets might be different than the original ones. These are only minor changes, but still, I really recommend it.

There is a compatibility patch for Complete Crafting Overhaul by Headbomb. It's highly recommended too. See that mod's description for the goodies it has.
There are some helmets, that can only be crafted with this patch, but you can still get them via console commands. More at the end.

New in v1.1: Added an optional addon for Deadly Dragons Armory by 3JIou. Now you can craft all DDA helmet's invisible variant with the same ingredients plus Invisibility Dust. The enchanted versions can be made out of the original non-enchanted helmet and Invisibility Dust, or an already invisible helmet without the Dust. Otherwise they work all the same as the original ones (perks, set bonus, improving, etc.).


Before installing version 1.2, please remove the previous versions, but don't run your game before installing the new one! You won't loose your helmet, except if you had a Guard Helmet other than Windhelm Guard Helmet.

I recommend to install via the Nexus Mod Manager.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch and Weapons and Armor Fixes are strongly recommended (but not required).
Complete Crafting Overhaul with Smithing Perks Overhaul are needed for the CCO patch (should work without them, but not recommended).
Deadly Dragons Armory is required for the DDA addon.

Installation with NMM:
  • Download the mod with the manager
  • Activate it, follow instructions
  • Make sure the Craftable Invisible Helmets - DDA.esp is loaded after the Craftable Invisible Helmets.esp and DeadlyDragonsArmory.esp (in this order, if possible)

Manual installation:
  • Download the mod manually
  • Open the archive with 7zip
  • Extract the Craftable Invisible Helmets.esp or CCO\Craftable Invisible Helmets.esp and/or Craftable Invisible Helmets - DDA.esp into your \Skyrim\Data folder
  • Make sure the Craftable Invisible Helmets - DDA.esp is loaded after the Craftable Invisible Helmets.esp and DeadlyDragonsArmory.esp (in this order, if possible)


As this mod doesn't change any original or any mod's data, it should be compatible with anything.

Console Commands

There are 34 helmets in this mod, but only 17 are craftable without the CCO version. The best you can do is install CCO and the CCO version too, but if you really don't want to do it, or you don't like smithing, or don't want to get the ingredients, or whatever, you can still get them via console commands.

First, you need the load order of the Craftable Invisible Helmets.esp (whether you use the patch or not). Use NMM to get it.
Run the game, open the console, and type "player.additem xxyyyyyy 1", where xx is the load order, yyyyyy is the id from below.

00A101 - * Fur Helmet - Invisible
00A102 - * Blades Helmet - Invisible
00A103 - * Wolf Helmet - Invisible
00A104 - Daedric Helmet - Invisible
00A105 - * Shrouded Cowl - Invisible
00A106 - Dragonplate Helmet - Invisible
00A107 - Dragonscale Helmet - Invisible
00A108 - Ancient Nord Helmet - Invisible
00A109 - Dwarven Helmet - Invisible
00A110 - Ebony Helmet - Invisible
00A111 - Elven Helmet - Invisible
00A112 - * Elven Gilded Helmet - Invisible
00A113 - * Elven Light Helmet - Invisible
00A114 - * Falmer Helmet - Invisible
00A115 - * Forsworn Headdress - Invisible
00A116 - Glass Helmet - Invisible
00A124 - * Guard Helmet - Invisible
00A126 - Hide Helmet - Invisible
00A127 - (*) Imperial Helmet - Invisible
00A128 - * Imperial Light Helmet - Invisible
00A129 - * Imperial Officer's Helmet - Invisible
00A130 - Iron Helmet - Invisible
00A131 - Leather Helmet - Invisible
00A132 - * Nightingale Hood - Invisible
00A133 - Orcish Helmet - Invisible
00A134 - * Penitus Oculatus Helmet - Invisible
00A135 - Scaled Helmet - Invisible
00A136 - Steel Helmet - Invisible
00A137 - Steel Plate Helmet - Invisible
00A138 - * Stormcloak Helmet - Invisible
00A139 - * Stormcloak Officer Helmet - Invisible
00A140 - * Thieves Guild Hood - Invisible
00A141 - * Guild Master's Hood - Invisible
00A164 - Hat - Invisible

* - these can only be crafted with the CCO patch

For the DDA addon's helmets you still need the load order of the Craftable Invisible Helmets.esp, and one of the following IDs:

00A142 - Dragonslayer's Bone Helmet - Invisible
00A143 - Brutal Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A144 - Dragonslayer's Leather Hood - Invisible
00A145 - Deadly Dragonslayer's Hood - Invisible
00A146 - Dragonslayer's Scale Crown - Invisible
00A147 - Furious Dragonslayer's Crown - Invisible
00A148 - Earthshatter's Faceguard - Invisible
00A149 - Hateful Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A150 - Dragonslayer's Light Helmet - Invisible
00A151 - Merciless Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A152 - Dragonslayer's Silver Helmet - Invisible
00A153 - Relentless Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A154 - Dragonslayer's Plate Helmet - Invisible
00A155 - Ruthless Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A156 - Reinforced Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A157 - Valorous Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A158 - Dragonslayer's Silk Hood - Invisible
00A159 - Vengeful Dragonslayer's Hood - Invisible
00A160 - Dragonslayer's Mithril Helmet - Invisible
00A161 - Vicious Dragonslayer's Helmet - Invisible
00A162 - Dragonslayer's Mask - Invisible
00A163 - Wrathful Dragonslayer's Mask - Invisible


DarkenDE for the main idea.
3JIou for the Deadly Dragons and Deadly Dragons Armory mods.
Figment for creating TesVSnip, the only tool I used for making my mod.

Kyperstar for the German translation
Sifka for the Japanese translation

Bethesda for all TES games (definitely NOT for the coming TES Online).

You. (You can thank me with endorsing ;))