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Adds a new ability to summon the Companion’s Harbinger Kodlak Whitemane.

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7/1/12 Update Notes:

Fixes the isssue where Kodlak doesn't use his shield caused by the 1.6 update. I also updated the visual effects of Kodlak's Gram Sword blasts and Beam attacks.

5/10/12 Update Notes:

Balances Kodlak's blade beam attacks so that they are not as overpowered as the first versions. Fixes long ranged blade beam attack to recast more frequently so Kodlak can be useful against dragons. Version 1a does has the 24 hour recast limit while version 2b does not have the casting limit.

Version 2 now allows the player to summon Kodlak whenever they would like and removes the 24 hour summon limit. Version 1 will still be available for those who want to keep the 24 hour summon limit.

To summon Kodlak, you must complete the last branch of the Companions Guild quest line, and search for Kodlak’s Records near the exit of the quest's final dungeon. The book can be found on the shelf leading to the exit of the dungeon (the shelf with a leveled helmet). Please check the screenshots for an image of the location. It is on the bottom shelf under a pot. This ability is similar to the Dark Brotherhood's Summon Spectral Assassin ability, and has a recast timer of 24 ingame hours.

Kodlak is equipped with the following:

1. Equipped with the legendary sword Gram and shield Svallin.
2. Fires a sword beam using Gram during intense melee combat or from a distance.
3. Gram’s sword beam has the chance of staggering and freezing foes.
4. Kodlak can unleash an explosive strike using Gram, and during will also unleash Gram’s powers during kill moves.
5. Has the Nord resist cold racial trait.
6. Capable of unleashing kill moves after damaging the opponent.
7. Can disarm opponents while bash attacking with Svallin.
8. Lightfoot perk to avoid triggering traps.
9. Custom combat style that engages opponents in melee combat, and unleashes sword beams from a distance.
10. Kodlak starts at level 25 and levels up as the player progresses.

Notes: Kodlak is a very capable and strong warrior. Kodlak can tank for ranged play styles or melee support for close combat oriented players. I made Kodlak powerful because we all know that there are stories about him and Skjor defeating 40,000 Aldmeri soldiers on their own, despite them denying the story.

I am working on other mods, and will be making updates to others. Please rate me up if you like this. Also, please let me know if you experience any issues using this mod.