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Real Rain Will make you run for cover and get a dovahbrella :D.

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The support for this mod is going to continue over into the Skyrim Special Version ON NEXUS only.
That being said they still didnt fix the rain texture in the special version so I will again do this.

This is the link for the SE Version

*** Support the rights of modders to publish as they see fit ***
*** Sign our wall to show support and help bring change ***
This was a great community effort and I really think we got bethesda to at least take a second look at this problem


To make it as real as possible.

What it does is redo the rain textures so they are more random and natural looking
while making the rain denser w/o any fps lag or bloated save files.

Real Rain Basic V4.0 should be compatible with any weather/lighting/fog/water/pretty much any other mod.

To test the rain just open the console and enter
Not using CoT "fw c821f" for overcast light rain or "fw c8220" for regular rain
When using CoT "fw c8220" for light rain or "fw d4886" for heavy rain
and that should give you a good idea of what the rain is about

Extended Version And Better Weather for RLWC

I have also included 2 optional files that add further immersion by
changing how the rain/thunder sounds and transitions work.
I slowed down the transitions and changed some of the fog settings just for rain weather.

RealRain Extended is for everything. Just adds some good transitions between
rain weather and better sounds for thunder and rain.

Better Weather for Realistic Lighting with Customization3.4a keeps the same color scheme intact for
RLWC while changing the roll in and out of rain weather and how much fog there is during certain rains.

RealRain CoT

RealRain CoT is RealRain Basic configured for Climates of Tamriel.


With the Basic Version just install it after any weather, lighting , water mod and it should work fine.

For the Extended Version put it after anything that changes lighting or weather.

For the Better Weather for RLWC 2.2 plugin put it after Realistic Lighting.esp and Lighting patcher.esp.
RealRain Basic should be used with this plugin.

For RealRain CoT install it with Climates of Tamriel after any other water mods.
As other weather mods are incompatible with CoT anyhow.

Future Updates

Will probably focus more on the RLWC version of RealRain Extended and soon
enough focusing more on helping out with RLWC 4.0 itself rain and weather wise.

I am happy to announce sydney666 told me we will be working together on the rain for
Version 4.0 of Realistic Lighting and Configuration mod and my changes that are in this one
will blend with his lighting and color scheme so im pretty stoked on that.

Recommended Downloads With More Rain

Realistic Lighting With Customization
If you want a true lighting configuration I recommend using this w/o natural rain.
***Warning Natural Rain might bloat your game and cause a rainstorm that lasts forever***
Other than that the rest is awesome and comes with a lot of great customization files.

Daemons RL Settings Plus Enb
This mod is key with RLWC I use the enb performance and that fixes some obvious problems w/o
framerate drop. One thing i noticed was the sun rays are nice but super overbearing so I turned
them off by going into enbseries.ini and changed it from EnableSunRays=true to false instead.

Project Reality: Climates of Tamriel
A bit more on the fantasy side of realism compared to RLWC with great cloud retextures
and vibrant sunrises/sunsets. A lot of work was put into the mod however theres a few
bugs that still make it seem like its only 75% completed. JJ has stated he is working on a
further update to fix these problems however they look to be off in the distance.

I look forward to it as a competitor for RLWC 4.0 when both are
completed with my own clouds and weather system to compare to his.

Monitor Calibration Wizard
Free software that helped me get rid of my black on black shadows problem with dark areas.
No adware or anything and very simple definitely use this for a better skyrim color experience.

Lightning During Rainstorms
If you actually wanted some real thunder in your game too check this out.
Comes with great customization spell as well.
And I just helped put the finishing touches on it :D.

Immersive Skyrim Thunder
Fits really well with RealRain, the plugins I have, and really adds a great ambiance with Lightning during Rainstorms
and if you dont like the booming thunder keep the audio files for the rain they really rock.

Pure Waters by Laast
At this point surpasses water redux in my view as far as fixing the blue water reflection and
natural clearness of the water. I would install everything from this and put it before my mod.

WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
Still a great mod to take a few things from to add that Pure Water doesn't have yet.
I would recommend the reduced splash, wet rocks, and animated forge water and uncheck the core option.
Really pairs up well with Pure Water and Im going to help Laast make custom nifs
for his Pure Waters mod so that its going to be including its own optionals.

CLARALUX - More and Brighter Lights
Epic mod that helps brighten up skyrim with customization that
beats out the other lights to skyrim mods.
For more of a fantasy look go with his original settings.
I use the vanilla lights option for more realistic lighting.

Torches for Skyrim
Gives torches to npcs based on caste so a rich person always carries one and a poor person wouldnt.
Also if you dont want to use Claralux this has a optional radius option for torches.
I am pretty sure Claralux already changes most of torch settings so the optional might conflict with it.

And theres a ton more in my read me files if you want to see what mods I use


Q:Will this slow my fps or cause ctds?
A:No, its just 2 texture files that replace the vanilla
textures at about the same size and if your getting ctds
thats more likely conflicts of other mods or scripts that
are loose. My mod has no scripts or bulky files so thats
not the problem.

Q:I cant see the rain ripples how can I get them back?
A:The new version doesnt have ripples bundled.
Try deleting /textures/water/ first
Try fw c8220 in console in game and look at a water source.
and then try my RealRainRipples 5.0 thats separated.

Q:I cant see the rain droplets in CoT how can I get them back?
A:Some of the weathers are set to Rain when they should
be set to cloudy and that effects when Rain droplets and Ripples happen.
So you will see the ripples in the water and might hear lightning however
because the rain particle for that weather was turned off there is no rain.
This is something JJ will have to fix in his future update.

To check to make sure its not my mods problem try forcing weather
in console "fw c8220" for light rain or "fw d4886" for heavy rain.
If you see the rain for both those weathers you will see them when
his weathers use rain particles.

Q:Does this work with other mods?
A:Yes, my core version works with all other mods even ones
that change weather, rain, and lighting. Now if you install
my plugins that change weather however they will clash with
other mods that do the same thing and you will have to
choose between the plugin or the other mod.

Q:My game is acting wierd after installing your mod.
A:I doubt that. Check out this link to troubleshoot installed mods.
Check out Hellcat5's other videos for modding tutorials.

To learn more about weather check out my new modders resource collection

PlayerTw0s Weather Resources

And I also have been making alot of videos for mods I like now at my youtube channel.

Check em out and if you like my mods or videos rate me up :D.


If you do use my texture files let me know First.