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  1. Oaristys
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    October 2022: I'm currently porting this to SSE with optimized assets and with SMIM as a base :)

    And there it is, version 3.2! I've completed the fixing with the CORE archive. Same as previous update: fixed flags in Nifskope, better environment mapping, fixed crashes and fixed wrong collision blocks from older meshes (no more movable ingot stacks).

    I've had to remove several buggy meshes that I haven't managed to fix yet (StaticBasket02, SoulgemsBowl01, a lot of planters...), they've driven me mad ^^

    The pile of coal and ingots chests are back (they were missing from version 3.0).

    I've also added a couple of new skeletons and clutter items, as well as some variants (coffin, crystal ball...)

    I hope that the next update will be much more about creating stuff, cause I'm so tired of fixing things (but I guess I just had to do it properly the first time xD).

    As usual, please report any bug ;)
  2. Rajr0679
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    Crystal Ball Help

    I would like to use the crystal ball mesh but I'm only seeing the base part of the mesh for all colors in both game and creation kit.

    Do I need to toggle something on or off to show the globe? Please let me know. I do have a photo of what I'm referring to if anyone would like to see it. 


  3. MikeCobalt
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    Hello :) Was this mod ever ported to Skyrim SE? I know that sounds like a BoneHead question and I have searched in the SE Mods section but not found it. I've always thought of this mod as Essential in my builds, the food containers especially, they really are good at giving any home, residence or similar a "Lived in, comfortable and realistic" look and feel. My CK for Skyrim LE has stopped launching in the past days so I'm (finally) seriously thinking of moving to SE. .
  4. pndr
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    I'm going to port some of these for SSE, it's for a house mod, thank you for making these.
  5. fallout4girl2020
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    hi just a thank you this mod is excellent. just a quick question. why do some items have a diamond with a ! in it when i try to place some items.
  6. ThiagoVel
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    Estoy impresionado por tu gran creación, tienes mi respeto.
  7. LegendLegacy
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    This is awesome, thank you for sharing this! You are really talented.
  8. deleted84054183
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    Thank you
  9. Teytame
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    Can someone tell me please if these can be used in SSE or will I have to "convert" them first?
    Thank you in advance.
  10. mcr40
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    Thank you for putting this together and sharing with us.
    1. Darklocq
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      Indeed. This has half of what I was looking for already (mostly custom containers that indicate what they're meant to contain). Even saw some things I had never thought of but now intend to include in a mod. :-)
  11. torrex112
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    Hi there.

    Great pack!

    Is there a way I can use this in a mod without the person who downloads the mod having to download this as a prerequisite? Sorry if thats a noob question lol. I'm still quite a beginner at using the Creation Kit.

    Thanks alot!
    1. Edoserax
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      You need to create new statics and direct them to look at the resource pack assets(meshes and textures filepaths) in the dialogue box. Just play around with creating new statics, and filling them in. Common sense and patience will do the rest for you.
    2. Darklocq
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      More to the point, as this resource collection's main page says, if you follow its instructions: after you are doing making your mod, then the meshes (and new textures they require, if any) from this collection that you have used in your mod should be distributed with your mod as a part of your mod. You just need to give credit for them in your mod's readme.