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Hello Dovahkiins ehh X-Men :D

He is the best there is at what he do, but what he do best isn't very nice, he is Wolverine! The X-Men arrived in Skyrim and the new age of super heroes has begun. Wolverine's space ship crashed in to the Throat of the World and was completely destroyed, but Wolverine found his way to High Hrothgar, he meditates and waits to join the battle.

What's inside:
- Astonishing Wolverine Armor set (Male only)
- X-force Wolverine Armor set (Male only)
- Skyrim Wolverine Armor set (Male only and more lore friendly)
- Claws (to shout and cast)
- Wolverine follower
- Mutator (adjust settings and calls Wolverine)
- Adamantium ingots (to smith the Uniforms)
- Loading Screen
- Respawnable Wolverine's Chest


The most important thing is to get the mutator, Wolverine has it in his inventory and in his chest in High Hrothgar. The Mutator will open the settings of this mod when first added to inventory and when clicked on it.
By setting the Wolverine's Uniform you can control which Uniform will appear as a smithing option and which Uniform will wear Wolverine. You can chose Astonishing (blue and gold), X -Force (black and silver), Skyrim (Brown leather), All and none.
The Wolverine's Claws setting will allow you to choose how you will use your claws. The claw shout (recommend), allows you to equip the claws to both hands. To retract the claws, shout again or equip a weapon or spell. The claw spells can be equipped individually so it's a good option when you want a claw in the one hand and a weapon in the other hand, but if can't decide just select All.
When you need help you can call Wolverine too, he will appear next to you.

After setup via the mutator you can smith the uniforms at any forge by using Linen Piles, Leather, Leather Stripes and Adamantium ingots, which can be smelted, by using various ingots. The Wolverine Uniform has zero armor, but it has the mutant healing factor and other useful Wolverine powers.


Use the Nexus Mod Manager or copy the esp and bsa file to your Skyrim/Data folder and select it in the Skyrim launcher.

You can uninstall it like any other mod, via the nexus mod manager or by deleting the two mod related files, but I recommend first to set the claws and uniform settings via the mutator to None, this will remove the claw spells, so they will not cause any problems when the mod is gone.


Pixelated textures:

If you got strange pixelated textures, raise your graphic detail. Set it to medium or in the advanced options set the Texture Quality to High.


Version 2:
- New Skyrim Uniform, a more lore friendly Wolverine version
- Claws are now shouted
- Skyrim Uniform is now default set on Wolverine follower (can be changed)
- Minor bugfixes

Version 2.1:
- minor bugfix for the claw shout
- Claw shout uses now all 3 words (control over the number of extend claws)

Version 2.2:
- bugfix for the claw spell

And what about the female Wolverine Uniform and other X-Men? Hmm, maybe but that depends on how popular this mod will be, if not, I'm going to work on new weapons :-)

Wish much fun and greetings from Slovakia :D
Tom (Space Wiking)

Astonishing Wolverine:

Thanks to mrkrossfaith for this video