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Improved Hjerim v2.5
By Leaping Lizard

After receiving the Hjerim as a reward and spending my hard earned coin on all the upgrades I was disappointed that arguably the largest and most fully featured player house in the game looked pretty awful

The ground level was basically just one large draughty room and there was no smithing facilities.

This mod attempts to fix that by breaking up the lower floor into several rooms and redecorating to transform Hjerim into a dwelling fit for a hero of the Nords.

Hjerim now features

- An outdoor spa/jacuzzi with a wonderful view of Windhelm. (hot water so frostfall users wont freeze)
- Separate living and dining rooms.
- Large open fire and chairs in the living room.
- A little shrine to Talos (decoration only)
- Safe storage in the enchanting and alchemy room.
- A fully operational outdoor forge, workbench, sharpening wheel,leather rack and smelter at the front of the house.
- Additional shelves for your library of books

NEW - Underground armory and safe storage with armor mannequins. (house now has 10 mannequins in total)
NEW - Safe storage and smelter at outdoor forge.
NEW - Additional furnishings throughout house.

It is recommended you do not install this mod until you have purchased Hjerim and all the house upgrades. As I did not edit the house upgrades and therefore some of the new furniture and walls will be in place when Hjerim is just a abandoned house or in its non upgraded state.


*When upgrading to v2.5 please take all your gear/items out of the chests. Its unlikely you will lose them but better to be safe than sorry* A clean save is NOT necessary.

Version 2
- Added outdoor jacuzzi/spa.
- tweaked internal lighting.

Version 2.5
- Added Armory
- Added additonal furnishings
- Added Smelter and storage to forge

Known issues.

- Occasionally the havoc physics engine will go nuts and wreck the food on the dining room table. This is most likely to happen if you install the mod before you have purchased all the house upgrades.

- If you leave the house for several days the mannequins will occasionally remove added armor (armor is still there you just have to re equip). This seems to be a beth bug which is fixed by this mod - Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD :


Save ImprovedHjerimv2.5 esp into your Skyrim data folder eg skyrim\data
- Activate it using the standard Skyrim launcher or your favorite mod manager.


Delete ImprovedHjerimv2.5esp


Do not upload this mod anywhere without my permission.
You may not use this mod in any other mods without my permission.


Thanks to Eldiabs for his mannequin / bookshelf / weapon rack resource.
Saved me so much time. You rock man.

Thanks for downloading !