Non-Automatic Skill Books by Kelsenellenelvian
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Added: 05/05/2012 - 04:01AM
Updated: 29/03/2017 - 06:36AM

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Last updated at 6:36, 29 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 4:01, 5 May 2012

If you experience any bugs I can't fix them unless you bring them to my attention so be sure to let me know!

Changes the way skill books work so that you may choose if/when you gain a skill from it. Upon activating a book a menu will appear allowing you to select if you want to read the book and gain its knowledge at that time, simply take it without reading or just leave it where it is.

No more needing to have your companion pick it up for you to get around the auto level.

While USLEEP's fixes have all been carried over there is no requirement to use it. (Verified up to v3.0.8a)

Only uses a single script that is only active when you activate a skill book.

Comes in five base styles:
  • Non renaming style. Just adds the NASB menu to all skill books
  • Sorted After i.e. Book Tile (Skill)
  • Sorted After with better quest and map names i.e. Book (Map Marker) or (Quest)
  • Sorted Before i.e. (Skill) Book Title
  • Sorted Before with better quest and map names i.e. (Quest) or (Map Marker)

Has support included for

Main additions:

Optional additions:
The optional additions are just that. It only adds the NASB menu for the extra mods. You need one of the other files to get the full experience. The *.esp files are meant to be merged with your patches or merges but are fine stand alone also.

This mod uses a fomod so NMM, Wyre Bash and MM will be the best bet for installing.
To update simply install over the old version.
Do not uninstall!

Includes a few configuration options:
  • By default sneaking will automatically add the book to your inventory without opening the menu.
  • The mods functionality can be disabled entirely by typing "Set BSBConfig to 0" in the console.

Known Quirks
Taking a book, by either sneaking or selecting the option in the menu will not account for ownership of the book.
So even if it is technically stealing, no bounty will be added.

I highly Suggest using the mod - Unread Books Glow - For super easy to find and collect skill books!

Griptzion for the original NASB mod and for giving me permission to take it over.
Sakr3d for building a custom fomod for NASB.