Sith Mask FIXED by jdegenerate
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Added: 05/05/2012 - 02:08AM
Updated: 04/05/2013 - 11:23PM

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Sith Mask FIXED fixed. Craft either Heavy or light versions. Craft heavy using 1 corundum ingot and 2 steel ingots. Craft light version with 2 moonstone ingots. Should qualify as Steel plate and Elven helmets for matching armor perks. Heavy crafted under Steel, Light crafted under Elven.

Model is male only. Females can wear it but their eyes won't match up with the eye holes. That ain't broke.

Sith Mask FIXED

Craftable under steel. No duplicating enchant. No disappearing mask on load.

Includes all required resources by permission from DigitalLion


Install via NMM or manual install


Takes circlet slot. To wear with hoods use a mod that allows you to wear hood with circlets.

Also, this is made from scratch so whatever console code the original author gives you won't work. Craft it, with 1 corundum and 2 steel ingots. Requires advanced armor perk.

Upgradable and enchantable.