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tox Alchemy Unlock Effects

Adds a note to an elf's home in Riverwood which will unlock all alchemy
effects when read. Future versions may add a quest and a cave.

Batch-files version info
The lists of commands provided in the batch files will add perks from
the original alchemy skill tree branch upto experimenter 3, make the player
eat one of each ingredient and remove the perks again.

If anyone knows how to acheive this in a fully automated way, without
progressing the alchemy skill, please let me know. Otherwise I'll watch the
CK tutorials and read their wiki and figure it out on my own!

1. Place the files wherever you have TESV.exe
2. Load your new game
3. Conjure the console by hitting ~ on your keyboard (or the key left of 1)
4. Execute the files using the bat command in the console giving the three
files ingredients-perk, ingrediends-eat and ingredients-unperk
bat ingredients-perk
bat ingredients-eat
bat ingredients-unperk

a. The last script removes the perks Alchemist 1/5, Physician, Benefactor,
Experimenter */3. Modify the batch file according to your needs or don't run
it if you wish to keep perks you have already spent.
b. Eating all ingredients at once will make your champ scream in pain as some
of have the damage health effect. Furthermore, the discovery of all the
effects simultaneously will produce an augmented and unpleasantly loud
sound. I find turning the volume knob down to be a suitable solution.
c. Eating all the ingredients will progress the alchemy skill towards the
next level. It progresses by about 1/4 towards 21 when alchemy is at 20.
d. The Crimson Nirnroot quest is started. Just find and remove Crimson
Nirnroot from ingredients-eat.txt if you don't like this. Look for B701A.

..which will probably never come to fruition include a full quest mod given to
the player by Faendal which requires you to crawl through a pitch dark cave with
a torch (or magelight) filled with rats, spiders, traps and draugr to retreive
an epic alchemy book which will teach you all the effects. The cave will be
connected to one of the tougher bandit caves above riverwood...

0.2: .esp which adds a spell-book-note to the world
0.1: initial release (batch-files)